Sunday, March 18, 2012


These are all criminals from the 1920s. What strikes me about them is how much they all seemed to value their fancy clothes.

Maybe the guy above is a partial exception. He looks like a natural-born bully, and might have turned to crime even if there was no money in it. Maybe he valued the classy suit because from a distance it gave him an air of civility. He would have delighted in luring the unsuspecting up close where he could reveal his other self.

His pants are badly tailored, but I'll bet few would have dared to tell him. And look at the size of that fedora!

Now this guy (above) had a decent tailor!

It's interesting that in close up he chooses to look distinguished, and in a long shot he chooses to look like a tough guy. Look at the way he handles that cigarette!

Geez, a character (above) like the one Joe Pesci played in "Casino." So they really do exist!

Good Grief! Another (above) Joe Pesci!!!! Maybe the underworld used to be full of Joe Pescies...violent, psychotic, short guys. Check out that belt.

I bet you didn't know Elmer Fudd (above) was a gangster!

It's easy to forget that a lot of 20s criminals (above) weren't exactly flush with money. Look at this kid. He'd have made more dough working an honest job.

What an interesting face! This guy (above) looks like the actor who played Ming the Merciless in the black and white "Flash Gordon."

This post is too long already, but it wouldn't be complete without the ladies.  Look at the profile on this woman (above)! If she hadn't gone into crime, she might have had a career on the stage as a character actor.

I'll bet this woman (above) was a madame.

Gee, this girl is especially tragic. With a few breaks she might have had a better life.


Joshua Marchant (Scrawnycartoons) said...
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Anonymous said...

I see what you mean! Some of these criminals wasted so much time committing crime (awful, corny rhyme I made by accident). No seriously, these people make the criminals on the Gwinnett Mugs (a website where people who have been arrested in my county have their mugshots posted) look like poor amateurs! They look 20x worse than the worst criminal you posted here.

Brubaker said...

That last photo seems...tragic.

Makes me wonder what her story is. Probably would've made an interesting movie out of it.

Herman Gonzales said...

those are some great characters