Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I'm in Halloween Heaven after seeing the monster site that Steven Finch linked to in the comments. Check it out, it's terrific:


The guy who put it up is Pierre Fournier, surely a contender for the position of this generation's Forest Ackerman. He has another interesting site all about Frankenstein:


And here's one by another worthy blogger, Karswell:


'Never saw this film (above), but the poster's great...generic, but great nevertheless!

Fifties and sixties horror letterers were brilliant.

Is this (above) the famous Feldstein Frankenstein redrawn by someone else?

Nice, very nice!

Every cartoonist should know how to draw good runs (above).

Late 50s and early 60s were a great time for horror lettering. The styles manage to be modern and classically horrific at the same time.

Letters (above) leak their otherworldly plasma into the ether.

A forehead made for under lighting!

Doctor X (above) had some great moments, but it was uneven. They should have let the poster artists modify the script.

Harryhausen's absolutely brilliant design for a cyclops!

Nonga-nonga-nonga (gibberish to accompany me biting my knuckles)!

Be sure to click to enlarge this (above). When seen at the right size, this is one of the all-time great horror covers.

Nonga-nonga-nonga-nonga-nonga-nonga-nonga!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe it's worth getting bitten sometimes.....


Nico said...

I'm excited too! I know how much you love halloween Eddie!

what are we doing for this occasion?? we should make a spooky video

kellie said...

May I recommend another monster feast, Aeron Alfey's Monster Brains blog? He covers everything from movie posters to middle ages woodcuts, pulp illustration, contemporary art, obscure Russian painters, anything with monsters.

I liked your earlier anxious images post a lot by the way, especially the dark seashore with breaking waves, (memories of gloomy midwinter walks looking out over Galway Bay as a teenager,) but was too stressed to respond!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Kellie: Woooowwww!!!! A very exciting link, which seems to link to other interesting sites! I can't wait to explore this! Many thanks!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Nico: Sounds great! Right now I look a little too emmaciated to film, but I get better every day, and I should be my normal self soon. Thanks for the offer!

Anonymous said...

Too emaciated?! But you're always moaning that you photograph too fat! Remember the camera adds 10 lbs, maybe even 20.
Let him try a video for all our sakes.

Anonymous said...

I thought you might already have known about Dick Briefers Frankenstein. (that picture that reminded you of Feldstein, and the profile of the Run) It had a long run in comics. I think I found out about it in some black and white reprint at magazine size in the late sixties or early seventies. It may have been the first telling of the story I saw that used the Arctic scenes from Mary Shellys book at all.

At times, that nose was above the brow line.

But anyway, that article you grabbed the running shot from links to a lot of examples.

Anonymous said...

re:Skull Spider


Anonymous said...

Are you feeling a bit the monster these days? How many pounds did surgery take out of you?

Get Well soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eddie. I just found your Blog and really like it. Well done. All this horror stuff reminds me of my teens curled up in front of the the TV after 11:30 pm with a cup of Cocoa watching Hammer House of Horror reruns. Brrrr. Canukh

Justin said...

Even better than the first post! The Night of the Living Dead poster letters reminds me of Ralph Steadman. Do you like stuff by him?

Austin Papageorge said...

Are all these Holloween posts going to incorporate nudity? Because if so I read this blog at my own risk because my Mom might be watching.

Pierre Fournier said...

Correction Please! The first link should read as follows: http://monstercrazy.tumblr.com/

That, and http://frankensteinia.blogspot.com/ are my two blogs.

The link you posted (http://thehorrorsofitall.blogspot.com/) is for the superlative Horrors of It All blog run by Karswell.

Pierre Fournier said...

Thanks for the kind words. Being compared to Forry Ackerman is intoxicating. I think I need to lie down!

I urge anyone who is checking out my Monster Crazy blog to click through the links to see the original posts for stuff like that Whispering Gorilla cover. You’ll discover even more great horror and pop culture blogs.

Steven Finch, Attorney At Law said...

Glad you enjoyed the site, Eddie, and just between you and me, I always thought that particular Frankenstein's monster looked like Paul Williams.

Michelle Klein-Hass said...

1/2 nekkid Bride of Frankenstein is gorgeous...I'm guessing that's a Japanese garage kit of some sort. Doctor X and Nosferatu posters kick all manner of ass.

Email me...I've tracked down some free/open source 2D animation packages you might want to experiment with. Two are even ported to Mac, and one runs under Windows. Didn't remember what you are running now. One only runs on Linux+KDE desktop manager, but it seems to also be the least developed of the proggies I found. However, all three run Linux. And Linux is your friend.

Pierre Fournier said...

Michelle: The "1/2 nekkid” Bride of Frankenstein is the work of Ukrainian photographer Aleksey Galushkov.

Here’s the original post, with links:
(Contains partial nudity).

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Michelle: Holy Cow! A FREE animation program!? Terrific! I'll email!

Steven: You're right! Definitely Paul Williams!

Pierre: Wow! I'm honored to get a letter from the man who put up such a cool site! Nice work! I made the changes you mentioned! Sorry for the goof!

Anon: Eating nothing but boullion and Jello for 5 days lost me 15 lbs, but I'm gaining it back now.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Otto: Sorry the half nudity almost got you in trouble. I'm glad you told me. That kind of feedback helps.

I always think of this as a blog for everybody, regardless of age, but I can't resist putting up something funny and fleshy once in a while. I'd never put up anything genuinely sleazy.

Justin said...

"I'd never put up anything genuinely sleazy."

I disagree! I recall that you once posted a page from the "new Archie"! Yecch!! I felt sinful after seeing that!

Pete Emslie said...

Hi Eddie,

One of my youthful passions was Forrie Ackerman's "Famous Monsters of Filmland", as I'm sure it was yours too, judging by this post. There's a great book on the cover art of Basil Gogos that you might enjoy, found here on Amazon. I always loved his colourful and dynamic lighting and the book is well worth adding to your art library. (Although there are no horrific images of grinning cartoon Indians, I'm sorry to report...)

Also, check out this post over on Cinebeats regarding the Yokai Monster films from Japan. I'd never heard of them before, but was struck by their delightfully eccentric creepiness. Enjoy!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Wow! A whole book by the guy who did those cool covers!? I'm dying to see it! And the Yokai Monster films look great! Thanks for the tip! I'll check them out!

Luke said...

Hey Eddie, Great post!

Here's another great monster site:


And check this out too:


Anonymous said...

I discovered thehorrorsofitall site a few days ago. This picture thrills me in ways I've never been thrilled before:

Kali Fontecchio said...

I don't remember the Bride of Frankenstein being naked.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Luke: Thanks much for the great links! That YouTube video was great!

Jenny Lerew said...

Michelle, I couldn't figure out how to email you directly(via your LJ page?)--but I too would love to know which 2D Mac compatible animation packages you've discovered. Could you post links here or share?

Eddie would never get around to emailing me the precious info--would you, Eddie? Hoarder!
; )

I love Halloween more than Uncle Eddie(a brash claim but I'll arm wrestle him any day over it). But this year I hate the thought of unpacking a single item; too many associations with this season, more difficult than Xmas. Oh well.

Even so I couldn't help myself at Pavilions the other day--they have a killer three dimensional, model "haunted house" decoration--a black metal, wonderfully askew design (John would call it wonky, heh) structure that's at least 18" high with a tiny changing colored light inside, all sorts of neat details--all in the same black color. It's super cool, like a metal pop-up. I'll photograph it for you Eddie.

Such is the pull of Hallowe'en that even in my avoidance I couldn't help buying it.

Jenny Lerew said...

Oh, and I love the slightly undraped Bride; she's stunning, alright. Cool setup.

Bob Logan said...

Fantastic posts!

I love, LOVE the covers of Famous MONSTERS magazine.

Thanks for sharing!


Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Jenny: I'd love to see it!

Luke, Kellie: Many thanks for the great link!

Jim Polichak from Long Island said...

Uncle Eddie,
Who's the Girl with & without the Fangs?

Pierre Fournier said...

If I may step up with an answer (I posted the original images here: http://monstercrazy.tumblr.com/page/12)

The girl is Andree Melly and the film is Hammer's Brides of Dracula.