Sunday, November 28, 2010


Greetings Theory Cornerites! Uncle Eddie here for the first of several Christmas editions of "Lunchtime Book Chat." Our guest reviewer today is Isobel Wren,  the famous internet model and book fancier.

Um...those aren't zits on Isobel's face. They're just artifacts of hasty Photoshopping.

I gotta warn ya....Isobel gets...gets kinda "unclothed" in this review. I guess she thinks it's too hot in here.

Oops! Dropped my book!

Darn book!

Whew! I hate to see a good book get dirty like that.

Oops! 'Dropped the book again!

'Doggone book!

Boy, that book is really slippery!

Anyway, here's (below) Isobel Wren reviewing "Forever: a Novel" by Pete Hamill.


Severin said...

Sounds like an interesting book!

Steven M. said...

Ha! This is really funny! Great job!

SandraRivas said...

Darn those slippery books.

Interesting review.

pappy d said...

I just wish she kept her glasses on.

M said...

Hi! What do you think of this photo of Joan Crawford dancing?

I saw it and immediately thought of you, because she looks just like a living cartoon. :)

Vincent Waller said...

Thanks Eddie. great post, great find