Monday, September 09, 2013


Sorrreeeee!!!!! Another cheater post from the past! I am just soooo doggone busy! Don't worry, I probably won't have to do this again after today. Anyway, as long as these drawings are up I can't help but make a fresh comment on them.

These are were just fooling around doodles. It struck me as interesting that when you kiss a girl you can't see how she's reacting. I mean, she could be reading a book over your shoulder and you'd never know it. If your eyes were closed she could put a piece of liver against your lips and you'd go wild with smooching it. Boy, you really have to trust that the person you're kissing is into it just as much as you are.

I did a whole bunch of kissing poses that day. If I ever find the others I'll put them up.


zillustration said...

Funny!!! Love the backbone knobs!

Sara (Perry) said...

I've always wondered WHY people kiss with their eyes closed...probably cause it would be really awkward standing there, kissing, and making straight eye contact or trying to look at something while you snog someone. Would be rather embarrasing.

Nice doodles btw =)

Roberto Severino said...

No matter. Your drawings are amazing regardless of when you did them and continue to inspire me to keep drawing cartoons.