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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Haw! I haven't visited the People of Walmart site for a while because I thought it would have run out of gas by now. Boy, was I wrong! It's still going, just as strong as ever!

I swear, I've seen this very woman (above) in every city I've ever been in.


Double ouch! Man, that's nasty!

Zulu leg warmers and hot pants (above)!

Thanks for sharing that (above).

A weird Lawrence of Arabia look (above). Amazingly his posture conveys such dignity that he carries it off.

A man (above) with high standards.

Nice long hair (above) but it'll look better with another yard or so of length.

The fluorescent turquoise shampoo (above) or the hot pink? The huckleberry fire or the lavender surprise? Decisions, decisions.

It's okay. She's wearing underwear!

Ouch! Ooch!

Ooch! Ouch! Ooch!

Another woman (above) that I would swear I've seen everywhere I've lived!

Underwear outside the pants (above)! I used to see black guys do that in the mid 70s. Now it's a girls' thing.

A Walmart family!

This (above) is my favorite picture of the bunch. Casper pajamas, witch boots, a big old sedated leopard of a housecat, and....what's that in the square bag? I'll guess tampons or cat food, but it might be marshmallows or cheesewhiz.

I have a feeling that graphic (above) doesn't wash off.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Haw! I almost feel sorry for Walmart because the recent spate of "People of Walmart" pictures on the net are going to cost that chain millions of dollars in lost sales. I say "almost," because it's hard to shed a tear for that store. Besides being a major outsourcer, Walmart's prices are fairly high relative to their production costs. I wonder if the the small discount we get at the cash register really compensates for the lost manufacturing jobs.

There are legitimate bargains in the store, but you have to have an eye for finding them. An awful lot of what's on the shelves sells for the same price competitors charge. Amazingly this doesn't deter the customers from buying there. Maybe people some people go just to watch the human show.

My guess is that people deliberately dress weird (above) when they know they're going to Walmart. There's a kind of year-round Mardi Gras going on there and you don't want to get caught dressing conservatively when every one else is cutting loose.

Notice how Walmart men flaunt their beer bellies. Outside on the street a gut is something to be ashamed of, but inside the doors of Walmart it's carried proudly. You park yourself in a whole aisle devoted to ketchup and mustard and just be, just allow people to admire the belly.

Not to be undone, the ladies strut their stuff.

You may think this woman (above) is revealing a lot...

...but it's all relative.

The store is bleak and ugly but to be fair, there's plenty of color. It comes from things like fluorescent cookie boxes and day glow juice containers.

I kinda like these women (above).

What do you call this (above) style? Is this what people mean when they talk about "Glam?"

Of course goths would shop at Walmart. It was made for them.

You do see a lot of hot pants in this store. I wonder if there are doggie hotpants in the pet section?

Lots of cheerfull tee shirt slogans (above).

More tasteful tees (above).

A Mohawk and out-of-the-pants boxers.


Red people.

More red people. This (above) is my favorite picture in the post. I like the combination of the red family with the red vending machines, and the phone and out-sized doorknob are a nice touch.

Where do you buy shirts like this (above)? At Walmart?

I'll restrain myself and not make a tasteless joke about finger-sniffing. Oops! I just did!