Thursday, December 21, 2006


Try coming to the page again and wait for the page to completely download before scrolling down. If you scroll down before the bottom bar says "done" then the page will smear down with endless repetitions of the first sentense.

For comment-writers: If you're a blogger yourself then you better transfer to the new Google-influenced system ASAP. If you're on the new system then when the comment box asks for your user-name and password you'll type in your new Google codes. The new user-name is always an internet address like The password is the new password you invented for Google when you tranferred from the old system.

If you want to comment but you haven't switched to the new Google system yet then I suppose it's OK to do everything the old way.

The new system is both better and worse. You get more bandwidth and it publishes real fast but it has some annoying idiosyncricies. On the comments page I'm constantly having to click off windows that warn me that letters might originate from unsecured senders.


Randi Gordon said...

Say now, where do they get off calling us Theory Corner-teers "unsecured"? Just for that, I'm not upgrading to whatever crappy new crap they want me to use.

Stephen Worth said...

Eddie Tech Support!

See ya

David Germain said...

Yeah, I upgraded my blogger account about a month ago. I wasn't able to post on other blogs for a while either. But I was also busy trying to finish a comic at the time so there wasn't much oppurtunity to visit people on blogger anyway.

I don't see much difference between the new and the old. But according to the instructions I can't revert it back to what it was before. So......... whatever.