Monday, November 28, 2016


In LA most of our friends were mine...a terrific bunch of guys and their families that I met as a result of working for decades in the animation industry. Fine lads all of them.

My wife had girl friends, but more often than not we spent time with my male friends. My wife was a farm girl and maybe hanging around all those animals gave her a tolerance for the peculiarities of the male sex.

Sigh. Yes, it was a placid, mens club of tranquil reflection and serene maleness.

BUT....all that's going to come to an end soon.

Soon we'll be moving to the outback; far, far away from civilization.

Out there scorpions and snakes are the kings.

Where we're going most of our friends will be my wife's friends...mostly girls she went to school with. I don't know what they'll think of me.

And presiding over it all will be (Gulp!)...The wife's mother-in-law.

She's a nice person...if you don't cross her.

So, Yikes! No more men's club. No more butler leaving the day's newspaper on my leather chair.  No more automatic male backup if my wife and I disagree.

There'll be only the sound of female boots as an army of Amazons descends. Tromp! Tromp! Tromp!

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Here's a few photos of Ralph and Steve that I took a couple of days ago. Sorry about the blur and the yellow. Geez, the color is yellow green and that's even worse.

It was wonderful to see Ralph again, especially after seeing his "Last Days of Coney Island" again on Cartoon Brew. That film is amazing. If you haven't seen it yet, give it a look.

Haw! Steve looks like he's sucking on a pin. I include it here because Ralph looks so doggone manly in this photo. Even though he's old enough to retire he still comes off as what martial arts people call, "dangerous."

Thursday, November 24, 2016


"Hi! Uncle Eddie here! I'm a city boy and I'll be moving to a small town soon. I've never lived in a small town so I'm reading all I can about that kind of place, so I'll know what to expect. The book I'm reading now is called "Peydon Place." Here's an excerpt:

EDDIE (READING): "The plain, small, average town of Peydon Place reclined like a hot, passionate woman in the late morning sun."

"On Maple Street the Kensing house stood naked to the sunshine. From its rosy red shingles to its well-rounded roof, it almost cried to be taken."

"Behind the window shades, which hung like sensuous lids, in her upstairs room, young Alice Kensing finished dressing to go out."

"Past the City Hall she walked, past the cannon, past the pigeons and the statue of Robert E. Lee."

"Yikes! This stuff is kinda' steamy!"

"I always thought small town people were know...basic."

"Gee, do you suppose that nowadays they're modern like the rest of us?"

"Naw, small towns are different!"

"The story must have it wrong."

"Even so, you have to wonder."

"Surely small town institutions are no different than they are anywhere else."

"Okay, maybe they're different on weekends."


"...I don't know...maybe there's something in the water in small towns, something that gets the juices going."

"Or maybe the pine cones release some sort of caffeine vapor."


"...Or maybe the book was written by a wicked city woman who never set foot in a small town. Who knows?"

Friday, November 18, 2016


 What do you think of this gay-looking John K caricature of me? Yikes! I'll bet I'd just gotten a haircut. John loves to catch victims when they're fresh out of the barbershop and looking like a clipped poodle.

Here's (above) a photo for comparison.

Another John caricature! Teeth like piano keys, no chin, Ubangi ear lobes, warts, shovel nose, giant nostril...yep, that's me!

For comparison, here's (above) a caricature I've posted before. I include it here to show that John rarely draws people the same way twice. He's always searching for a new take on the subject or a new graphic technique.

Compare that to the way most artists draw caricatures. When the average artist finds a likeness that works he sticks with it and every subsequent drawing of the same person derives from the same template. Not John. He rethinks the problem every time he draws. Man O' man!

Last but not least (above)...My daughter's drawing of me eating a hamburger. Boy, that's a big nose!

Monday, November 14, 2016


Haw! A reader...probably someone who speaks English as a second language... told me he couldn't understand why I would want to move to a small town. What's so great about sleeping in tiny buildings? "Huh? Tiny buildings???" I had no idea what he was talking about. 

It took a whole minute before I realized that he took the term "small town" in "miniature." He must have thought I was going to take up residence in a doll's house.

Well, I set him straight and he was much relieved.

I'll have to watch out for misunderstandings like that when I move out of state. For example, where I'm going the local desert of choice is molasses pie.

It sounds gross, but people who live there love the stuff, and they don't like it when outsiders make fun of it. A relative there warned me not to make jokes about it, but I don't know if I can help myself. (Groan!) I hate to think of the consequences if I do.

"Yeah, molasses pie. What's wrong with that?"

"I heard about him. He's the guy from El-Lay! He's too good for what we eat."

"What's the matter? You don't like pie?"

"Uh, well, yes...I, um, I do like pie. I just...well, er..."

"I do believe I'll step outside for a moment."

OUTSIDE: small towns often don't have leash laws.  

'"What the heck? Hey, beat it Pee Wee!"