Monday, April 20, 2009


I just found out about this show. I never heard of it before today. Are all the episodes as funny as this one?


Brubaker said...

Where have you been? This series has been around for YEARS!

It's okay, I guess, but boy is the cartoon violence extreme. It would make South Park weep.

It's okay in small doses, but it can get repetitive. It follows the same pattern: cute animals does some cute, normal things; the thing goes wrong; animal dies in the most gruesome way possible. Occasionally they would experiment and do something different, but only when the creators feels like it.

It's primarily an internet cartoon, but for a short time it had a TV series. It aired on G4 for about three months, lasting 13 half-hours (each containing 3 shorts).

YouTube has three of the TV episodes available:

That said, I like how the moose looks like Bullwinkle.

Brubaker said...

Here's an example of a short that decides to deviate from the formula a bit. It's a parody of those fifties film strips involving skiing:

3awashi thani said...

that wasn't funny! :O it was painful >< that poor moose (my leg hurts watching that)
now i'm probably being a hypocrate because i've been watching superjail lately and every episode climaxes into a violent bloodbath near the end, but it's not so drawn out and the animation is fun. (theres episodes on the adultswim site apparently, i suggest superbar because the warden talks on the phone a does alot of fun nervouse expresions and this weird daffy duck take ^^ plus it's only recent show i've heard of being animated in-house)
that moose is going to haunt me, i have this weird bile rising feeling in my mouth.

Mattieshoe said...

It could definitely be better.

Some of them are clever, Most of them just resemble the slasher exploitation films of the 70s.

Lumpy is the only real character in the show. the rest are really just devices of torture and mutilation.

This could be a great dark comedy concept, but they pretty seldom do anything really characterized or interesting with it.

If they focused more on horrible SITUATIONS, like the tree falling on Lumpy's Leg not just random, implausible circumstances, then it would be much more interesting and entertaining.

This is also made tough because only two characters in the show actually have interesting and fun personalities, or quirks. (The other one being Flippy)

Lester Hunt said...

Yes, those were very funny, but I see how this could get tired if it is the same formula every time.

Hans Flagon said...

It is the same gag over and over. I'm surprised it is still around. Itchy and Scratchy do it better. You would probably feel the same way after watching a few more episodes.

I'm glad you were able to get some enjoyment from it though. I never did. Maybe you caught a couple of fresh and witty ones.

Hryma said...

That spoon one's the best, but then yeah, like what Brubaker said it kinda relies on violence.
And that's only funny for a short while.
The toys are kinda cool.

Anonymous said...

I hate this show.

Niki said...

yeah, that was actually my favorite one I still remember it from since around 2004 or 02 somewhere around there. It's pretty old.

Aaron said...

the guy sounds like Scooby Doo, but, man, that thing's nuts, and kinda hard to watch.

Rick Roberts said...

I really hate this show. The joke of cute characters getting brutally beaten of killed gets really fast.

Anonymous said...

The awful thing about Happy Tree Friends is if you look at the credits there's truckloads of people who work on it. I mean, how many people does it take to create some simple-drawn non-story three-minute show animated at about 8 frames per second? There are flash animators out there who can pump this crap just by themselves.

Andreas said...

I was at San Diego Comic-Con one year and was appalled at seeing a young (5, maybe 6 years old) girl sitting watching Happy Tree Friends in their booth. They had chairs and TVs set up constantly streaming Happy Tree Friends. My favorite is this one that makes reference to the Evil Dead films.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Eddie, just found a new comic I thought you might be interested in:

PBF ComicsSome of the written jokes come up short, but it's a nice relief from the stick-figure webcomics all over the place.

Trevor Thompson said...

It's an okay show. Good for the fare that's out on the net right now.

Plus I make it a point to at least tolerate anything Jorge hates.

- trevor.

3awashi thani said...

wait,,, you were being sarcastic right? i can't tell.

I'm Just Saying... said...

To "Anonymous".
Maybe there are so many creators and animators because of all of the ideas and new ways of torturing characters. Honestly, one person could not think of all of that. The people credited were probably just helping come up with new ideas.
Don't bash a show just for the amounnt of people working on it. It's new, creative, and a really...(in a sick way) good idea. The characters all have personalites, angst, and PLENTY of character development.
It's wrong if you just point out something as futile as the amount of animators. It isn't something that takes away from the show, and maybe if you thought a little bit you would see how you're jumping to conclusions incorrectly.