Saturday, July 11, 2009


Uncle Eddie: "I very seldom deliberately delete a comment. When I do, I feel really guilty about it. I mean the person who wrote it had to have gone to some trouble, even if it was just a death threat, and that should be acknowledged. In recognition of that, here's a few unpublished comments from the past three years.

"Uncle Eddie, you stud's about you and me...steppin'?"

"Haw Haw (Snick! Harnk!)! Just kidding, Silly!! That was me! Hey, what did you think of 'Assassin's Creed?' Isn't that a way cool game? It takes a while to get a mission, though."

"Eddie, can I have the address of the girl on top?"

"Hi Eddie! Greetings from the 'Anonymous' community. Thanks for letting us comment here!"

"I'm sorry, but I find your practice of doing photo stories with a girl's wig on to be disgusting!"

"Uncle Eddie, I like your site but why do you persist in posting so many pictures of normal-looking women? What men want to see is know what I mean!"

"Um, Eddie...can I have the address of that handsome man above?"

"Here's a kiss for you Eddie...from a fan in Philadelphia!"

"Ditto from a fan in Wisconsin!"

"Another to you is kissing from fan we are being in Khazkstan!"

"Don't worry about putting stuff up that's bad for kids. We can take it!"

"Uncle Eddie, is it true that your male assets are...well, formidable?"


Aaron said...

haha. you dirty man.

Rogelio T. said...

If Leo asks for more pictures of babes you should be posting them Eddie!!!
Fun post!

Rick Roberts said...

I saved that smoking kid pinup. XD

Anonymous said...

hey do you know when the George Liquor cartoons for Pontiac are coming? Or did they get cancelled?

Peter Bernard said...

Hey! Where are all MY deleted comments? haha

Anonymous said...

You are a weird guy.

Lester Hunt said...

From my blog I once got an invitation to dinner from a woman in Oregon. She sent a picture of herself. It was a cute picture too. Too bad that was the the state of Oregon, and not Oregon WI, where I live.

Jennifer said...

Oh God the caption for the last picture was fabulous!

Anonymous is right - you are a weird guy. That's why we love you! :)

Niki said...

I like kids that smoke. It means they're tough.

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on hentai? You have to admit the quality is pretty high in some of it

Anonymous said...

What do you think of H.L. Mencken? Your writing is very similar

Deniseletter said...

Hahahahahaha What you posted is a surprise!I'm not tired of saying,You're an amazing creative theoriser!

BTW Could you post someday a subject as something about to imagine things evoked by music?

Shawn Dickinson said...


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