Friday, August 21, 2009


I wish dancing were easier to animate. The poses dancers take are hilarious.

Actually, they were always funny.

Even dances designed to fit with stately court music (above) were funny. Something about moving to rhythm makes people want to imitate roosters and ducks.

Not only that, but dandies seem to have had a big influence on high society dancing.

Manly men did their best to look virile while dancing (above), but they were swimming upstream. The dandies got there first, when the dances were created.

In order to suck in with high society, men had no choice but to immitate the dandies. The rule was: brawl in the street if you must, but be dainty on the dance floor.

Manly Renaissance men (above) had the additional humiliation of having to wear tights and pantaloons and little capes while dancing.

Even George Washington had to hop around the dance floor in a way that would have gotten him arrested if he'd done it on the streets.

I do like some of these old dances, though. Here's (above) one from the 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet. The person who posted it on YouTube cut out some of the steps, but there's enough here so that you get the idea.


Dobie said...

These kinds of dances are so underrated! I especially like the one in the romeo and juliet video. I've seen that movie in school before but never the dancing part. I guess my teacher fast-forwarded through it because it was long. I used to hate these kinds of "old-timey" dances and thought they were boring until I went to camp and they made us do all sorts of embarassingly cheesy line dances and folk dances and stuff. Now I think they're great, they're just so silly and fun and its a shame we don't do this kind of stuff at parties and social gatherings anymore. It's great for breaking the ice and making yourself feel like you're really part of the group. They should teach kids these dances in school or something (sparing the partner dances from the little kids because we all know how well that goes)
My dad took some pictures of me dancing at camp and i was so mortified to see what i looked like haha, the poses people make when dancing are so ridiculous. I'm trying to think of a quote right now, something to the extent of "people always look stupid when they're having fun." it's a good quote, always inspires me to think of funny things to draw, i just can't think of it right now.
PS: i got your comment (very late) and its totally ok if you use some of my pictures in a post. i'd be thrilled!

Niki said...

Washington must have danced better than flying cloud wolves!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Dobie: I agree!

Niki: What are Fying Cloud Wolves?

Kelly Toon said...

George Washington was never considered much of a scholar, or even a very educated man. His great passions as a young man were dancing and horsemanship. Being so tall and broad, years of practice as a dancer and an equestrian were his saving grace. The story goes that a sniper drew a bead on a mounted George Washington from afar, but couldn't bring himself to fire on such an elegant and commanding figure.

ThomasHjorthaab said...

Hey Eddie! I'm a huge fan of yours, and I was wondering if you'd stop by my blog and leave a comment?...
I got a question for you, could you post some art from you marvellous "Tales of worm paranoia"?
Would be fantastic!:)

- Thomas Hjorthaab

Zoran Taylor said...

Woah, how did this girl end up in the first pic?,,5684888,00.jpg

Anonymous said...

The drawing in your posted image number five may be the first linear representation of Elvis, prior to his earthly birth.

ThomasHjorthaab said...

Thanks man!:)
Maybe I'll try that, Do you know someone who would publish it?:P

Blaze Smith said...

The first picture cracked me up! It looks like she hit him on the nose bridge! I'm a dancer myself and I have to admit that a lot of men seem wary about ballroom dancing. If you look at the history of Argentine Tango a lot of people would be surprised that it started out as a way for lonely 19th Century male immigrants to find a sweetheart!