Sunday, August 15, 2010


VIOLET: "Well, maybe she's right, Gladys.  Rand says we're born with fundamental rights, which no  Nietzchean Superman or Leviathan state can morally withdraw."

IRIS: " 'Sounds good Violet, but the Utilitarians had another way of looking at it.  They said the  purpose of the state is to bring about the most happiness for the most people.  It would be hard for the state to do that unless it had a lot of power. "

PETUNIA: "But who decides what makes you happy?  Hitler?  Stalin? Rand says it's not the job of the state to make you happy. It's the job of the state to protect your right to make yourself happy, whatever way you choose, provided you respect the rights of others to do the same. It's right here in the Declaration of Independence...our 'inalienable right to life, liberty and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!' "



MAGNOLIA (VO): "I don't know, I think she's kinda cute."

GLADYS (VO): "See if you think so when you end up having to clean her turtle bowl!"


Steven M. said...

You've got lots of pretty women to pick for the slots, Eddie. They might just go kung-fu on each other for it.

Jorge Garrido said...


For some reason the idea of the Philosophy girls is so rich and intersting- you could almost do a whole movie about the concept. Maybe your screenplay format for these posts implants that idea into my mind.

Eddie, did you see Scott Pilgrim? I heard it was like a modern day Frank Tashlin movie.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Eddie. That was amazingly great. A few theories combined with some really strong female personalities and intellectuals made this an intelligent farce for me, and yes, I haven't really read any of Ayn Rand's books either, even though in ninth grade, a bunch of students in my grade read Anthem. Since you started bringing Rand up, I've been curious about that piece of literature. Is it worth checking out?

Alberto said...

"Philosophy, who needs it? YOU DO" - Ayn Rand

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Roberto: Anthem is her worst book. It's the one everybody reads because its short, but being short is its only virtue. I'd start with The Fountainhead, then go onto The Virtue of Selfishness.

Rand was really talented, but she had an obsessive personality disorder that creeps into some of her later writing. I still like her. I only judge people by their best work.

Jorge: Scott Pilgrim? I don't know anything about it. I'll look it up.

Thanks for the compliment about The Philosphy Girls. I think I might take a stab at what a review with beautiful girls talking about philosophy might be like. I love how art acquires a life of its own and pushes you in unexpected directions.

Rooni, Alberto: Thanks!

Pete Emslie said...

Eddie, since those girls at the Playboy club have a monopoly on the bunny tail, might I suggest that the official garment for the Theory Girls be the "Theory Thong"?

Incidentally, in looking at the hopeful applicants waiting outside in that last photo, is that possibly your friend Katie Rice in the blue top pondering whether or not to jump the queue? I know that Katie can draw like the dickens, but can she theorize with the likes of Lily and Buttercup? You might want to pull her aside and check her qualifications, Eddie. Better warn her about the "Theory Thong" too, while you're at it...

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Pete: Theory Thong!!!??? Haw! That's a great idea; you might have something there. Thongs do have a natural "T" shape. Let me chew on that...on the idea, I mean.

And Katie...Son of a Gun! There is a girl in that final picture that looks like her! I'll put in a good word for her!

Pete Emslie said...

Oh, and one more thing, Eddie. Along with those "Theory Thongs", the girls could wear T-shirts with captions that promote their philosophy expertise. Captions like:

"If It's Descarte You're After, I Offer Deep French Thinking!"

"Call Me When You've Got A Nietzsche That Needs Scratching!"

"Socrates To Me, Baby!"

I tell ya', Eddie, the Philosophy Girls are going to be huge!

Kirk Nachman said...

Erudite humor is really bankrupt, and this is Joyce's flaw, I sez.
Nietzche and Hobbes are unlikely compadres - what has the transvaluation of all values got to do wit da Leviathan state? -... Ayn Rand was a minor novelist who's only managed to give free-marketeers ideological grist for destroying social programs.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Pete: Haw all over again! Thanks for the ideas!

Kirk: Maybe The Philosophy Girls should take questions and comments from the audience... like the one you just made.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Jorge: I just saw the Scott pilgrim trailer. Now I want to see it.

Kirk Nachman said...

By all means! Anyway, sorry for the grumbling and uninvited opining... you think animation blogs get nasty, you should see the academic philosophy blogs-?- voluminous tirades writ in the most unpalatable nomenclature, ongoing casual polemics. It tells one firmly that thought is a dead end.

Pokey said...

THe names of the girls are flowery..great shots.