Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well, slightly exaggerating.  Above, the heroine of Milt Gray's new web comic, "Ms. Viagri Ampleten."
Sepia sketches by John Kricfalusi

Greetings Theory Cornerites! Uncle Eddie here.  That's me above, second from the left. You know, we've interviewed many celebrities on this site: Sammy, Dean, Frank, and even Bob Clampett, but none has been as tall as our present subject, Simpsons timing director, animator, Clampett fan and web cartoonist, the 6' 6" "Tower of Power," MILT GRAY. "Hi MILT!"

MILT : "Hi, Uncle Eddie! Wanna see my latest drawing of Viagri Ampleten?"

UNCLE EDDIE: "Sure! Wow! She certainly is...(gulp!)...ample. So this is your new web comic character! She's a spy, right?"

MILT: "Well, not exactly. She's a free agent. Sometimes she works for the government, and sometimes for private people. She takes on the really dangerous assignments that no one else wants to touch." 

UNCLE EDDIE: "How does she decide what jobs to take?"

MILT: "Good question. Well, she's more likely to take a job that gives her scope to follow her hobby, which is sex. She's on a crusade to liberate people from their sex hangups."

UNCLE EDDIE: "Uh oh! There goes your 'G' rating."

MILT: "'Not worried. I'm after whatever rating makes sense for the stories I'm telling.  I figure the readers will tell me how graphic I should go."

UNCLE EDDIE: "How did you figure out the format?  There can't be many web comics that scan the way yours does."

MILT: "Yeah, it works great, doesn't it? It came about because the project started as an animated cartoon, and the panels were meant to be layouts. That's why they're all the same size. When I decided to do a web comic instead, it seemed like a natural outgrowth of that to put them in a column and let the reader scroll down. I guess I was lucky, because everybody seems to like it that way."

UNCLE EDDIE: "How did you color it?"

MILT: "Well, I xeroxed the original drawings down to a size my scanner could take, then I just fed them in.  The color was done on Photoshop by my color stylist, Cynthia Macintosh. 

UNCLE EDDIE: "I'll put a few of the panels up (that's them above, cropped badly by me, and in a different format than the one Milt uses. I was just too sleepy to do it right).  Boy, you can tell that an animator drew them."

MILT: "Thanks. There's a lot that's different about this comic. I hope it influences things. The web is a great vehicle for comics, and it'll get even better if we continue to experiment."

Milts web comic:


Anonymous said...

You, Milt, John, and Bob are part of some secret cartoon mafia you never told us about looking at John K.'s drawing right there at the top. Stop hiding your secrets. First it's the ghost stories, and now this. :)

Someone needs to give Uncle Miltie a TV show. Viagra Ampleton is probably one of the best webcomics to come out this year, and probably one of the best I've seen in years, besides what the super talented folks over at Dumm Comics are doing. A thousand times better drawn than those scribbles you find on Cartoon Brew's Sunday Funnies now or in the newspaper.

Steven M. said...

Awesome!! Way to Milt!

Jack G. said...

Can Viagri take her crusade to liberate people from their sex hangups to me?

So Eddie, where's your Sunday comic?

Jorge Garrido said...

This post is like a triple assault of awesome! Creative content from you, Eddie, and Milt! I had to grow a third eye just to take it in.

Severin said...

This is a crowning achievement for Thoery Corner, Viagri Ampleton, and also for me, for getting to read it.

Queen of the Meow Meow said...


Shawn Luke said...

Hey, Eddie, Milt's great, but your drawings are absolutely hilarious. Please draw more pictures for your blog.


Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Shawn: Hey, Shawn! How's it goin'? I do intend to do a comic page for this site. i'm just waiting to see what ideas I get.

Shawn Luke said...

Well, Edward, as a point of fact, if you did a cartoon about hanging out, eating pizza with John, I am sure you would reel in the readers. Like all these cartoonist autobio graphic novels we see everywhere. Of course you would have to have the depressing childhood scene and the obligatory self gratification scene too. But i think your style would lend itself better to really cartoony humor of simple everyday actions like shaving, or selecting which pair of underwear to put on. I really liked your take on babies you did a couple years back. they where the cutest ugly babies i'd ever seen. and the cartooniest.

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