Sunday, June 24, 2012


I thought I'd share some pictures from The Theory Corner scrapbook. They're all photos of me in costume. I love to work that way because the costume allows me to lose myself in the role without being self-conscious.

Just for comparison, I'll start with a picture sans costume. That's (above) a recent photo of me taken by Auralynn. She mkes me look suave, which is much appreciated.

Now here I am in costume (above)...well, sort of. I flatter myself that I actually look like Shakespeare. (Sigh!) I never actually did the promised parody. That's because the lines I wanted to read were tragic and beautiful, and I just couldn't bring myself to make fun of them. Not that it would have been a great reading, mind you, but it would have been fun.

One of these days I need to finish the Smoker story (above) that featured my favorite female Theory Corner villain, "Beulah." She's less a heart breaker than a head breaker.

Here's another favorite (above), only this time it's a guy. I know he doesn't look like a guy....that's because he's in disguise. You'd have to read the story to understand.

I love those glasses (above). I've had them for years and will cry real tears if I ever lose them.

This (above) and Hook are my two favorite male villains. I won't bother putting up  Hook because everybody's seen him a million times.

Here's the story of Helen Keller, and there's that Halloween wig again (above). It looks bigger here.

I think I do a passable "just kicked in the head by a mule" pose.

One nice thing about aging (above) allows you to look really, really annoyed when you need to.

I think it has to do with a change in the tone of facial muscles.

I couldn't have done this (above) ten years ago. Just so I don't waste it, I should go out and yell at some kids.

Above, The Lone Stranger. That was fun.

Here I am (above) with my talented co-workers at work. The shooting went really fast, maybe because my friends all had experience on stage and film.

Yikes! I have more pictures, but no more room, so I guess I'll have to end this. No, wait....there's one more (below).........

No, it's not me. This (above) is an absolutely wonderful, wonderful couple that I met outside a nearby restaurant, and that's Mike pledging allegiance on the right. These guys actually recognized me from pictures on Theory Corner!!!!!!!

I wrote their names down in a green spiral notebook, thinking I'd never forget them that way. The problem is that when I got home the notebook got tossed into a large pile of green spiral notebooks and I promptly did forget. Really, I deserve to be flogged!

Mike, can you help me with the names?


Joshua Marchant (Scrawnycartoons) said...
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Anonymous said...

I for one would love to see the unfinished Beulah or Shakespeare photo-plays!

Anonymous said...

The photo stories are one of the aspects about your blog. I am in agreement with Stephen. It would be very nice to see if you could finish any of those stories up.

mike fontanelli said...

Mike, can you help me with the names?

No, Eddie, they didn't recognize you from Theory Corner. That was a pervert we met by a dumpster, eating his foot.

This couple, being decent, law-abiding folks, had never heard of Theory Corner. They recognized you from either a REN & STIMPY signing or an episode of To Catch a Predator, I forget which.

I didn't make a mental note of their names because I knew you had them written down! All I remember is they couldn't have been nicer or more charming, including their pet Beagle - whose name I also forgot.

Oh yes, and the girl was stunningly beautiful. Not that I noticed, though.