Thursday, June 14, 2012


Did you ever wonder what would happen if a nearby star went nova? What if it produced plasma jets the way some of them do, and we were in the way?

For one thing, our atmosphere would be stripped away. Giant thunderclouds (above) would cease to rain and would be sucked, layer after layer, into outer space. 

Water vapor (above) would be sucked from the land into the air.

Oceans (above) would dry up.

Where once there had been seabeds (above) there would now be vast stretches of arid desert.

Dust and loose soil (above) would be sucked into the air, creating dark clouds that would prevent any light from getting through.

Then even the clouds would also be sucked into space (above).

With the atmosphere, water and soil gone, and with no atmospheric shield to protect us from solar radiation, we'd quickly turn into a dead world like Mercury. It would all be very sad.........

........but that's something for our successors to worry about.


All the black and white photography is by photo genius, Mitch Dobrowner. His work is for sale at:


Michael Sporn said...

Unfortunately, the current leaders in Congress agree with your premise that it's something for our successors to worry about. I don't have children, and I guess I can take that literally, but it's a shame. Ridley Scott should start filming his sequel to PROMETHEUS now; maybe he won't have to use any special effects and can just make a documentary.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

This comment was just received on the post entitled "Basil Wolverton Women" (11/28/2010):

Stu Sutcliffe says: "Stu Sutcliffe is indeed a dead Beatle! But I am a real boy!So its not a pseudonym. Colin Batty is a friend of mine, we used to work together at Cosgrove Hall Films many years ago.He is indeed a bona fide genius! Colin also did "Beautiful Girl" at the same time I did it.Im glad my works has escaped to a wider world.Here is some more.. I keep trying to get Col to do a blog, because he has so much wonderful stuff to show! regards,stu sutcliffe ( Its my name, really!!)

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Stu: Thanks for the comment. So you and Colin both did Wolverton tributes at the same time! My hat's off to both of you. You did a great job!

Michael: I assume you're talking about global warming. If a nearby star went nova I'm not sure that Congress could do anything about it.

pappy d said...

You're being alarmist, Eddie. Besides, there's no conclusive evidence that supernovas are man-made. ;)

mike fontanelli said...

Why do I keep hearing the song "We'll Meet Again (Don't Know Where, Don't Know When")?

kurtwil said...

Interesting post, for sure, Eddie.

Another scenario: As humanity turns ever more towards electronic interaction and gratification, it makes the step foretold in Greg Bear's SIFI story, "Eternity",where humans wear implants to generate/interact with human proxies living parallel lives within a huge electronic network.

Now imagine a gigantic solar flare (a real possibility) wreaking havoc on our electronic networks and computers. What would happen?

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Kurt: Wow! It sounds great! I'll see if the library has it. Thanks for the tip!

kurtwil said...

FYI Greg Bear's EON is the prequel to his ETERNITY.