Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Aaaargh! I'm so sleepy I can hardly type, but I want to be sure I always get something up on a Tuesday, even if it's not well thought-out.

Anyway, here's my latest enthusiasm: color wheels. I like the ones figured out by Color Wheel Basics. It's a series of wheels that emphasize tints and shades, and secondary and tertiary colors.

I take a lot of flak for having color wheels on the wall. My friends say that a real artist doesn't need them. Maybe that's so, but looking at them stimulates my imagination, so up they go.

This interior decorators wheel (above) favors the kind of colors that were common a hundred years ago.
Here's (above) my most frequently used one.

New color wheels are always coming out. This Itten-type wheel looks like it would be fun to have on the wall but how does it work? Maybe it's not a wheel at all. Maybe it's just a nice pattern. I like the way that black sets off the other colors. Come to think of it, the wheel I said I use most often has plenty of black.

Here (above) are two that I just discovered. How the heck do they work?

This (above) is a color wheel that attributes flavors and aromas to the different colors. In this wheel tart and tangy are the complements of medicinal. I can't think of a use for this, but I'll bet it would have interested offbeat color theorists like Kandinsky.


Roberto Severino said...

I loved those color wheels as a kid! So much nostalgia.

Joel Brinkerhoff said...

I love the idea of color wheels as art. I've never studied color theory and always feel a little intimidated by it but I found this cool online tool that is interactive and kind of fun. Check out:

And see what you think.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Joel: Thanks much for the interesting color link. I got very busy these last three days and haven't had time to study the site, but it looks interesting and I definitely will get to it.