Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I promised to put up some of the animation I've been doing on but I'm still having trouble getting it online with the original timing anf framing intact. A friend has offered to help so I guess things'll work out soon. In the meantime, here's a few frame grabs from a recent film, if you can call something as short as this a film..

The time it took to do this? Less than an hour! It's amazing how fast you can go on these little iPad apps.

The key to working fast is to forbid yourself to redraw anything. 

If a line doesn't work, just draw a better one beside it.  

At this point (above) I accomplished what I set out to do...I sat a man down on a chair. All my tiny films have limited goals like that. When the film doesn't seem to be working I just delete it and start another.  If I don't have an idea I just start drawing and hope for the best. It's like doodling with animation.

I still felt like drawing so I added a table and a newspaper.

The man grabs the paper and opens it...

...and lifts it up to read. That's it. You can do zillions of these little shorts in waiting rooms and restaurants or while watching TV.


Roberto Severino said...

That looks so awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Joshua Marchant said...

The world demands to see see your tiny shorts Eddie. If you take my meaning.

Doug said...

What's the app Eddie?

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Roberto, Joshua: Thanks!

Doug: It's called Animation Desk. I haven't tried the Flipbook app yet.