Monday, February 06, 2017


What's the latest trend in art? That's a good question!

We're departing from previous 50s-type Modern Art, no doubt about that.  50s art was often about weird organic shapes. Here's (above) a piece by Jean Arp who was fascinated by bread mold and lava lamps. I like it because its funny, but I guess it's not for everybody.

At least Arp was neat. You could eat off the floor in his studio.

Most artists aren't like that. We're a landlord's worst nightmare.

I don't know why but a lot of us just can't think unless we're surrounded by clutter.

If you're a landlord and this puts you off, then you'd better not talk to your artist friends about it. We're a volatile bunch, easily offended.

Maybe that's because we're full of anxiety. We're required to comment on hard to pin down things like what's "in the air."

Critics expect us to be the early warning radar of what's coming next.

Yikes! I don't know what's in the air. I have enough trouble finding my car keys. That's a big responsibility they're laying on us.

Oh, well...we'll do our best.

So what's in the air? My best guess is sentimental dog paintings. Dog slippers, dog pens, dog Kleenex...anything dog. There. You can bank (bark) on it.

[BTW., none of the art portrayed here is mine.]


jbrinkerhoff said...

You may not agree with this argument, but I know you’re open to ideas. I think it applies to music also.

Thanks for another thought provoking post!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

jbrinkerhoff: Prager U? I love those guys! I agree with the video but the subject would have benefited from a longer discussion. There actually is some good work being done now, but it gets buried under the sheer weight of all the drek. There's just a lot more people working in art fields now. I makes it hard for the few who are first rate to get known. Hard, that is, unless they work for mass media outlets like TV and Film.

Probably the speaker on the video would agree with me but still stick to his guns. That's okay. By and large, he's still right.