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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


WARNING: Contains Nudity

Thanks to a commenter I discovered an art and photography site that had a lot of draped and undraped figures to study.  I blogged about it at the time but failed to make a note of the website name and address, and now I can't remember it.  Anyway, I still have a few samples which I didn't have room for last time, and which you might be interested in seeing now. 

Why people wear the clothes they wear is a fascinating subject. It's pretty obvious that we all dress to hide our defects and display our assets. We also want to mark our identification with a desired group or class. What's less apparent is that we dress to project messages that we're only dimly aware of ourselves.

When I was growing up women (above) used to dress in a way that emphasized their role as mothers.

Modern women (above) don't want to be mothers, and the clothes show it. When naked, women still look like mothers, but when clothed -- they're transformed into something else. Women want you to know that babies are definitely not on the agenda. 

It's weird. You can walk down the street (above) and tell who would raise a family and who wouldn't. 

This (above) is a terrific picture, because it brings up the area where maternity and sex intersect. The girl above is sexy in both pictures, but most in the naked picture. When naked, the sex cues are even sexier. Women sort of look like babies.

Here's a girl (above) who may want children, whether she knows it or not. For one thing she wears a conservative dress, for another the dress has a symbolic, white, mother's busom at the top. 

It's off-topic but I can't help commnting on the backshot. This girl looks great from the back and her haircut sets it off perfectly.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Here's one of my favorite pictures (above) of Veronica Lake,  who sacrificed half her vision to give her fans a new look.  Here the hair looks like it's glued on her face...Holy Cow, maybe it was!

Big ears, bare neck and a shaggy poodle skin collar with Frankenstein shoulder pads.

Poodles (above) have great hair...but you know that already.

Here's (above) one of my all-time favorite girl drawings. It radiates humor and energy!

This (above) portrait photo would be a great present if it were larger and framed. Maybe it needs a little cropping on the sides.

I'm speechless!

Sam Shepherd (above) in drag?

I propose that the National Bird Dropping Society use this picture (above) for their logo.

Here's a picture (above) of Camille Claudel, sculptor and mistress of Rodin.

Here's (above) a famous portrait by Edward Weston. Boy, Weston sure could take 'em!