Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Here's a few Christmas songs that get a lot of play at my house this time of year. I thought you might like to hear them, too.

We're lucky to have a few good versions of Ave Maria. This one is by Connie Stevens, whose voice was unique.

My favorite part of Pavariti's version is his opening which is executed with dignity and power.

This Jingle Bells is a tad slow but I still like it.

I never studied this Dylan film closely but I can see that I'll have to. Dylan & co. did a great job with the music and the direction by Australian shorts director Nash Edgerton is nothing less than awesome. Think of it: he filmed dozens of moving actors in a real house where lighting is a problem and walls can't be removed. Not only that but he had a celebrity star who in his old age isn't as photogenic as he used to be. And that subplot with the guy who goes was a brilliant way to rev up the pace of a film that was already fast. I'd love to hear the story of how this was made.

Here's a link to one of Edgerton's other YouTube shorts:

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DonB said...

Good selection. One of my favorites is the old Christmas on the Ponderosa album. It's extremely corny, but I like it a lot.