Thursday, August 04, 2011


Boy, that Western Town post was one of the least popular that I ever did. Oh well, you can't win 'em all. Maybe I need a vacation to get my perspective back. I'll take off til Monday 8/8/11 and see if that helps. I still have major computer problems, so that'll keep me busy. See ya' then!


davidmaas said...

Well, I liked it! A bit less over-the-top than usual... maybe that's why your dopamine-indulged fans couldn't appreciate.

Have fun and don't do too many daquiris!

Josh "Just What the Doctor Ordered" Heise said...

I thought the western post was great...I just keep forgetting to comment. Thanks for continuing to entertain the ignorant masses!

Anonymous said...

We are arguably in a time of non-appreciation for things that fall into the Western genre. I blame the strip-mining of the form from 1940 until 1976 that left it pretty much barren. Everything has been done a thousand times, at least. 'Star Wars' worked in 1977 because it presented elements of the Western in a fresh twist. "Cowboys and Aliens" failed to perform to expectations because it delivered the same twist in 2011 with nothing new.

romans said...

WaitWaitWait! I just saw your western town post! Thanks! I love the subject, and I love Leonian Architecture. He was a surrealist, a painter, who portrayed immense spaces, recapturing that vision of childhood remembrance of a space that shrinks when seen in adulthood.
Anyway, enjoy your vacation--we appreciate your posts.

Anonymous said...

I never comment on blogs because I end up writing an essay that I end up coming across again years later. I end up feeling embarrassed about it. I then wonder why the individual even let me post. I check your blog regularly to learn something new, gain culture, and be entertained.

I enjoyed seeing the similarities and differences in how the buildings are orientated. I liked the western strip mall at Dodge City. They look more appealing than they do today. Where the buildings look the same in every town in rural areas and the older parts are falling apart from neglect.

Have you tried running Malwarebytes (with admin password), depending if it is a virus problem? AIDA32 was a good program to look at hardware and stuff.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Anon: Thanks much for the comment and virus advice. I'll look up the software you talked about!