Monday, December 10, 2012


That's Auralynn (above), taken with my old Canon Elph snapshot camera. It's nice isn't it? Auralynn is naturally friendly and cheery and the camera did a good job at underlining that.

I loved that camera, it just wasn't great for low light photography, so on Black Friday I got a new one...a later model of the Elph, the 510 HS. I'm trying it out now, and I have to say...I'm having trouble with it.

 For comparison, let's try similar shots with both cameras. Here's (above) a shot I took a few months ago showing Auralynn leaning toward my old camera. Wow! The skin tones came out perfectly!

Here's (above) a similar shot taken with my new camera...the same restaurant, roughly the same time of day. GOOD LORD!!! Look how grotesque I look!!!! Okay, I don't have Auralynn's looks, but I shouldn't have come off this bad. I look like a gnarly old bridge troll!

Not only that, I imagining it?, I don't think so....the camera actually made me look a bit....evil. Can you imagine that? A little party camera that makes its subjects look like the Spawn of Satan!!!!

Here's (above) a new picture of Auralynn, made with the new camera. The camera did its best to make her look evil, but she resisted and won the battle...this time. I shudder to think what awaits in the future.

Here's Mike's lamp table, also shot with the new camera. I must have had it on the Bloody Crime Scene mode. Mike's figurines all look evil. 

Alright, I admit I'm not being fair...I just haven't learned how to use the camera yet. I hope that's the explanation. If it isn't I'll just have to reset and specialize in pictures of life's seedy underbelly.


Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Roberto, Jennifer: Many thanks for the comments on the previous post. I had to delete it because it was done when I was too sleepy to think straight, and just couldn't put any thought into it.

Stephen Worth said...

Yes, your problem is the white balance. You will want to check the book and push it a bit towards yellow.

Stephen Worth said...

It also appears to be underexposing. Give it a half stop or a stop more in the exposure compensation setting.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Steve: Thanks much for the advice. I fixed the exposure problem, and today I'll see what I can do with the white balance