Monday, December 03, 2012



EDDIE (VO): "HOLY MACKEREL! I never expected anything like this!"

EDDIE (VO): "(Gasp!) Look over here! It's a Blatz Beer display! Why doesn't anybody make things like that anymore?"

EDDIE (VO): "And over here...Al Capp figurines! They must be rarer than hen's teeth! Mike, take a look!"

MIKE: "In a minute, Eddie. I need to pause to pay my respects to fine art." 

EDDIE (VO): "Whoa! A Davy Crockett hat! How cool is that!!???"

EDDIE: "Wait a minute! What's that, up there?"

EDDIE (VO): "Holy Cow! It's a cartoony Indian, and it's hilarious! If only you could buy things like that now!"

EDDIE (VO): "An Al Capp Indian! Ooh, my cup runneth over!!!!"

EDDIE (VO): "Yikes! Am I imagining it, or is the Chief smoking?"

MIKE (VO): "Sure he is! Lots of cartoon characters used to smoke!"

EDDIE (VO): "(Gasp!) And over's Darn-Old Duck...and he's smoking, too! Waaaait a minute...that's a real smoke in his mouth! YOU put that there!"

MIKE (VO): "Busted! He just looked better with a cigarette!"

EDDIE (VO): "What the?....across the room...what's that figure on top of the heap?"

MIKE (VO): "Oh, I was saving that for last. Let's take a look."

MIKE (VO): "What do you think?"

EDDIE: (VO): "(GASP!) A thing of surpassing beauty. I'm awed."

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Joshua Marchant (Scrawnycartoons) said...

Wow! Funny smoking Indians and sleepy Mexican cartoon dogs! Truly, this is the standard to which I and all cartoon toy collectors should aspire!

I just got a Tony the Tiger cookie jar. It's got a slightly evil face and I think it'll make a great jack-o-lantern come next Halloween.