Friday, March 15, 2013


This, believe it or not, is a post about the need for fabric and textural variety in interior decoration. I need to make that clear right away because at first glance the whole post looks like a bunch of girls in their underwear. That's because all the images here come from adult sites. I just didn't know any other place where I could find the kind of colorful interiors I had in mind. I'll try to clean up the pictures where I can. It's the best I can do.

Anyway, I think the house shown here (above) is an Australian photographer's collective. This is the kind of environment artsy people of all kinds thrive in. Artists require color. We have to see it all around us every day. It's not enough to put colorful posters on the wall. Color requires texture and pattern to read effectively, and that means fabric, plants, stone, glass, and wood grain.

Look what these windows (above) do for this room.

I like fabric draped over furniture. The example above is a little too girly for my taste, but it makes the point.

I love this picture (above) because it really sells the idea of a sleeping porch that doubles as a sort of greenhouse or potting shed. It's a whole room devoted to color and texture, and to the changing quality of light as the sun makes its way across the sky.

How do you like the muted yellow bedspread and the purple and indigo pillows? What do you think of the weathered old rug on the floor and the artfully sagging old cot?

It wouldn't cost much to build a structure like this (above). The roof is corrugated translucent plastic, and the screens are weighted plastic screening fabric that hangs like drapes. I like the Japanese-style frame.

I like rooms that are drenched in light in the daytime, and are dark and mood-lit at night. For a spot that's dark no matter what the time of day I suggest luxurious, thick, heavy, dark green...either as a carpet (above) or as a drape.

Bed linens (above) are a great excuse for complex color. The patterns here remind me of washi, the Japanese colored rice paper that you see in craft stores.

You can't get away with fabric this flamboyant (above) unless you're a girl. On the other hand, Matisse probably had stuff like this around the house.


Well, that's all I have to say about that. On another subject, I'll be posting twice a week from now on, probably on Monday and Thursday. That's one day less than before. The reason is that since December I've gotten more than a third fewer hits. The number is still pretty good, but I'm a ham and I miss the larger audience. Maybe it's for the best because this'll give me more time to work on income-producing projects.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least you'll still be posting. There really isn't another blog on the net that has quite the variety of foods for thought as yours does. I don't always comment, but I read every post.

Roberto Severino said...

Eddie, I'm one of your biggest fans still and I check up on your blog literally every day. In fact, out of all the websites I read, I find myself logging onto yours even more than other favorite sites like The American Conservative or John K's blog I still check up on, but he hardly posts anymore and likewise with Vincent Waller's site. For other sorts of news, I usually go to Reuters,, or RT.

I'm just grateful you aren't gonna give up on the blog. That would have been a crying shame if you had.

Robert Schaad said...

Keep on Bloggin', Eddie. You have an unique take on the universe.

Tom said...

Monday and Thursdays are strong days on the 'net.

What are you thoughts on hot beverages, Eddie? Do you drink coffee every day? Did you ever? Are you a tea drinker?

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Stephen, Robert: Thanks! Two days a week is more than most blogs publish, so I figure I'm still a player.

Roberto: Thanks! And I visit those sites too, though not every day.

Tom: Coffee? Tea? I drink both. Obviously brewed coffee (Starbucks French Roast) is terrific and I frequently use the faux latee (spelled right? ) technique favored by Good Eats on YouTube. When I'm in a hurry I make instant using Nescafe Mountain or Classico.

Roberto Severino said...

Remember that Paperman short you linked a while ago? The guys at College Humor have come up with this parody alternative ending to the film. It looks exactly like the original drawing wise. They must have some talented animators working at CH.