Monday, July 29, 2013


Here's (above) the classic dumbell design favored by Tex Avery. It works great.

IMO Clampett's version of dumb is even better. He always adds some other trait to the stupidity. Like Clampett's Beaky Buzzard: he's dumb but he thinks he's smart.

That long, deliberately awkward neck allows for some great poses.

When humans try to do what Beaky does (above) it doesn't look right. The girl above looks pitiable rather than funny. 

According to the chart above, Beaky's "S" shaped torso is actually a deformity. It's called "Thoracic Kyphosis." 

This cat (above) from Clampett's "Kitty Kornered" has a different ailment: Lumbar Lordosis!

You could argue that Donald has a pear-shaped body because he's a duck, but what's Mickey's excuse? Lumbar Lordosis strikes again! Goofy appears to have Thoracic Kyphosis accompanied by Buckle Leg.

Knock kneed and bow legged characters abound in animation. Sometimes they walk almost normal then settle into their deformity when they relax in place.

Not all unusual alignments are problematic. Here (above) Tex's wolf shows a waist that's situated high, immediately under his rib cage. It fact it looks good.

Here's (above) proof that Tex didn't make up the rib cage waist. Some people bend that way.


Johannes Scribbles said...

Inspirational post!

Roberto Severino said...

The wait was highly worth it. I always loved watching these kinds of characters in cartoons with the humped backs and lanky exterior! Tex Avery was obviously a master of this but the Goofy cartoons that John Sibley directed are amazing too. I don't really see these kinds of designs in a lot of the newer cartoons.

Sara (Perry) said...

Like what Roberto said, the wait was really worth it. I had completely forgotten about characters who had bodies in shapes like this. I think the 'dumb' characters with the slouched body and stuff are the kind of characters that girls will always squeal over and hug because they're so gosh dang adorable, making their boyfriends jealous, haha. XD

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Sara: Haw! You made my day, Sara! Now I can slouch down the street with pride!

Roberto: Sibley was indeed a genius. I'm amazed that he's not better known.

Johannes: Thanks!

Sarah Renae said...

Speaking of Preston Blair, I started doing the book a few months ago, but got sick and had to stop. Now, that I'm better I'm starting again. Would it be better to continue where I left off or redo what I already did?