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Sunday, July 20, 2008


Old Lady: "Me? But I've never played poker before. I don't even know the rules!"

Ernesto: "It's simple. I'll teach you!"

He deals.

Old Lady: "Gee, the cards are so pretty."

Old Lady: "We're supposed to bet, aren't we? Will a quarter do?"

Ernesto: "Yes, a quarter!" 

Old Lady: "I guess I lose. I don't even know what the cards mean."

Ernesto: "No, you won! Say, you have a knack for this game! Are you sure you never played before?"

Old Lady: "But you lost your money. You might need it later on. You should take your quarter back."

Ernesto: "No, no. You won it fair and square. You keep it! Let's bet a little more. That'll be even more fun."

Old Lady: "Gee, I don't have any more money with, would this deed to my house be OK?"

Ernesto: "(GULP OF DELIGHT) Why, um... yes! As it happens I have the deed to my own house with me."

Ernesto: "We'll just leave these in the middle. This is ever so much fun."

He deals.

Old Lady: "Well whaddaya waiting for? Let's see what you got!"

Ernesto: "Oh no! You first! I insist!"

Old Lady:  "Royal flush, king high, double hearts up using the Italian ranking system favored by Ken Pincus in his famous Cleveland game against Rudolf Lercher!"

Well, that's it! In the spirit of the new Batman movie I made the characters dark just to see what would happen. Boy, it's creepy isn't it?