Sunday, July 20, 2008


Old Lady: "Me? But I've never played poker before. I don't even know the rules!"

Ernesto: "It's simple. I'll teach you!"

He deals.

Old Lady: "Gee, the cards are so pretty."

Old Lady: "We're supposed to bet, aren't we? Will a quarter do?"

Ernesto: "Yes, a quarter!" 

Old Lady: "I guess I lose. I don't even know what the cards mean."

Ernesto: "No, you won! Say, you have a knack for this game! Are you sure you never played before?"

Old Lady: "But you lost your money. You might need it later on. You should take your quarter back."

Ernesto: "No, no. You won it fair and square. You keep it! Let's bet a little more. That'll be even more fun."

Old Lady: "Gee, I don't have any more money with, would this deed to my house be OK?"

Ernesto: "(GULP OF DELIGHT) Why, um... yes! As it happens I have the deed to my own house with me."

Ernesto: "We'll just leave these in the middle. This is ever so much fun."

He deals.

Old Lady: "Well whaddaya waiting for? Let's see what you got!"

Ernesto: "Oh no! You first! I insist!"

Old Lady:  "Royal flush, king high, double hearts up using the Italian ranking system favored by Ken Pincus in his famous Cleveland game against Rudolf Lercher!"

Well, that's it! In the spirit of the new Batman movie I made the characters dark just to see what would happen. Boy, it's creepy isn't it?


Nico said...

The new Batman movie RULES and SO DOES THIS ENTRY!!!!!!!

i love your old lady character eddie!!! the "what are you waiting for??" photo is my faveeeeeee

Mahala said...


Jorge Garrido said...

I don’t know who blackened your soul a long time ago...but may God have mercy on him.

Anonymous said...


You never disappoint Uncle Eddie!

Anonymous said...

you bein sarcastic here? i haven't seen the bat yet. but that was pretty funny.

Joan said...

I love it! The creepy thing is, both the old lady and Ernesto have the same eyebrows. They must be secretly related. Ooooh..that's a whole new story.


Nick said...

I really like your evil villain character. It would be slightly funnier though, if the mustache was longer and thinner. Hilarious none the less!

The Credit Jedi said...

Hell yeah!


Caleb said...

Hi Eddie, very funny. The sequel could involve a strip poker twist where Ernesto ends up naked(not that I would want to see that).

Here's a post
I did about the 75th Anniversary of a Popeye and Betty Boop cartoon.

cwyatt said...

You and I need work Eddie!!!
You may soon become that thick eyebrowed lady.
You inspired me to blog as well!

trevor said...

OOO! OOO! OOO! Can we talk about how cool the new Batman movie was? Holy franchise improvement, Batman!

I also like the contrast of the characters. Way to go, Eddie! And I like that they carry the deeds to their houses around! I thought I was the only one.

- trevor.

lastangelman said...

I hear black is the new black.
You're female character is right up there with the Monty Python's Pepperpots.

diego cumplido said...

I liked this one!...a lot!

Hey, I miss the days when you uploaded your drawings and comics.

Kali Fontecchio said...

I enjoyed this very much so.

Kelly Toon said...

I think uncle eddie needs to go the distance and put on a little rouge sometime ;)

I shudder to think what you could accomplish with even a bare minimum of stage makeup materials. I guess that's what you already have!

The unique attitudes of your characters are so evident . . . you are a comic genius.

Kelly Toon said...

just for fun, here is a recent self-painted face from last week at the Zoo:

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Kelly: Thanks for the compliment! Rouge? I don't really see that in my future. What I do is caricature, I'm not trying to look like the real thing.

That picture you posted was really drastic! You hear a sting chord when you see it then realize the picture was shown silent.

Aaron said...

that was pretty cool

Ken Mitchroney said...

More classic poses from the "Eddie" model sheet. Nice work.

pappy d said...

Broad subtlety! Caricatured nuance! Man, that's what cartoon acting's all about!

cwyatt said...

I'll do my best Eddie impression:
"This is!!" Hands on forehead...more choking laughs..."Genius..."
Boy do I miss those compliments, but I'll give them to you this time around.
When is the New Improved Eddie Fitzgerald Show going to begin??!! I can't take it must pitch YOU as a show!!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Cwyatt: Hi Carol! Thanks for the compliment! Did you go to Conrad's party? I'm so mad that I had to miss it!

Jennifer said...

I love love love the old lady character! I think you should have a contest to name her. How about Myrtle, or Gertrude? She looks more like a Myrtle to me. Or maybe a Hortense. Or maybe a Henrietta...somebody stop me! Perhaps give her a backstory.

I'm not sure about putting full makeup on her, except maybe a little bit of lipstick and rouge.

Once again - if there are any producers or show developers out there, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give Uncle Eddie a show! He is probably one of the funniest things out there.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Jennifer: Thanks a million for the super-kind words! Those are all great character names. For some reason I'm resisting naming the romance reader right now, but those names will come in handy when the time comes.

Hey, how are you doing these days? Do you still update your blog?

NateBear said...

Eddie this by far one of your best dress-up games. The plot was... welll you know BUT! the execution of it was thrilling. It's almost as if I had seen this joke for the first time. Almost.

Jack said...

Eddie. I think I've found your illegitimate son.

I.D.R.C. said...

How many romance novel readers are also card sharps? Uncanny, this woman. She's such an intriguing mass of contradictions. I feel something stirring within me.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Nate: Yikes! Telling an original story that lends itself to acting in only a few captions is a tall order. You'll have to give me an example of what you're talking about.

Maybe you have in mind an absurd story with lines like "Hey, look at that flaming cow face riding the purple turtle over there," but absurd humor doesn't lend itself to acting.

Jack: Wow! Very opinionated for his age but I like people like that.

I.D.R.C. said...

"...Very opinionated for his age but I like people like that."

Take Jorge to lunch.

Jorge Garrido said...

Holy crap, Jack, people are breaking rules 1 & 2 all over that kid's video.