Thursday, January 29, 2015


Gee, I like this guy's work. Tim Biskup, I mean. In my opinion he's one of the best painters out there now. 

What I see in Tim's work is an intelligent, civilized mind that delights in fun. Seeing a picture like this (above) reminds me how lucky I am to have five senses. It makes me think of the world as a gourmet feast served up because somebody out there likes us.  

That dripping, green paint is a happy counterpoint to what's underneath.

For me a skull (above) represents mortality and intelligence. To see it covered with painterly color like this celebrates the emotional side of intellect. Since it's a skull it also underlines the tragic nature of our short life span, but offers the consolation of "Think of what you saw. Think of what you experienced. Wasn't it great?"

Haw! It occurs to me that artists usually disavow artsy fartsy explanations like this. 

Here's a photo of Biskup's studio. I love to see artists' workspaces.

 Here's (above) the man himself. Is that April March's music in the background?


Unknown said...

Tim is certainly amazing and I never knew he did stuff like that outside of cartoons. Do you also like Dan Krall's work? Also, these paintings for CH Greenblatt's show are incredible.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Robero: Thanks for the link! Dan Krall is great. I did a blog about him a couple of years ago.

The realistic Greenblatt BG style is well done but seems at odds with the flat, graphic, colorful look of the characters.

My own "Tales of Worm Paranoia" had that problem.