Sunday, July 23, 2017


MY KITTEN: "Go now. Saying goodbye is too hard!"

EDDIE: " (Sob!) You're right, Kitten. It's better to make a clean break! The neighbors'll take good care of you til I can send for you!" 

DOGS: "Woof! Woof!"

EDDIE: "Fido! Mergitroid! My luggage! Thanks, guys!"

 DAPHNE: "Bye, Eddie! Be sure to write!"

MARILYN: "Send us a card when you land!"

 SUPERMAN: "Bye Eddie! I'll drop by if I happen to be flying over that part of the country! Well, er...assuming there isn't any Kryptonite around."

MARIACHIES: "We'll save your seat at the restaurant! You weren't the best tipper, but even so..."

CHEERLEADERS: "2...4...6...8! Who do we appreciate!?"

MARIACHIES (SINGING): "He 'twas not the best tipper/ But his napkin drawings, they were hipper."

THE TWINS: "Bye, Eddie! Byyyyye!!! We put some chocolate in your pocket!"

TWIN #1: "Did you really give him the chocolate the dog licked?

TWIN #2: "Sure. I wanted to give him our best."

ON BOARD THE PLANE: Eddie finds something melted and gooey in his pocket:

EDDIE (VO): "What the heck!????"


Eddie: I fully intend to keep up the blog in my new location. I'll just  need a couple of weeks off line to settle in. 'See you then!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

So long! Aur revoir! Aloha! Auf weidersehen! Arrivederci! Adios amigos! Ar prieku! Bidhaa!