Thursday, April 26, 2007


The red-haired girl on the top is by Lynn Naylor, girl artist extroadinaire. The picture on the bottom is a blow-up of Sadie Hawkins from a Li'l Abner strip. Nice stuff, huh?

I wish more artists would post pictures of what's on their wall. I'm always curious to see
what people put up, it tells you something about them. Most of what I have on the wall can't be scanned: Halloween masks, African masks, home-made theater dioramas, framed kid art, cels, etc.


Katie said...

Eddie, you should take some digital photos of the things on your wall! I love to see the insides of people's houses, and I'm sure lots of other people do to!

I.D.R.C. said...

I want that Naylor.

Jorge Garrido said...

Holy, that Lynne Naylor girl drawing is the BEST!!!! It's soooooooo sexy!

Lee said...

Katie beat me to the punch. I'd love to see some photos of that other art you have!

(And just out of curiosity, what do your wife and daughter think of the Naylor hanging in their house?)

Kali Fontecchio said...

I love that drawing!!!!!!!

Ya! Let's see some pictures, Eddie!

Here's some poo:


Jesse Oliver said...

Hey Eddie

What kind of framed animation cels do you have on your wall?

Ren & Stimpy, Bob Clampett, Tex Avery, Chuck Jones or Ralph Bakshi stuff?

Jorge Garrido said...

Hey, Kali, there is a giant numeral 1 on your wall!

You know, I think that Lynne Naylor drawing looks like Bruce Timm done right. And I LOVE Bruce Timm.

Brian B said...

Cool stuff Kali. I like the assorted messiness. Bombardment of influences.

You should definitely take some pictures Eddie, if you have a digital camera.

Kali Fontecchio said...

"Hey, Kali, there is a giant numeral 1 on your wall!"

I do? Where?

I have a nice mess going on- but Eddie's is much more sophisticated than mine!

Jorge Garrido said...

First pic underneath the Bob Dylan bootleg poster.

It's hidden in the stereogram pattern, or is it my imagination?

Kali Fontecchio said...

It was your imagination- although I kind of see it- weird!

Jorge Garrido said...

You piqued my curiosity, ok, what is it for real?

Better yet, go on AIM so we don't mess up Eddie's blog with this banter. Shame on me!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Last comment!

I can't go on aim- my school's server always kicks me off for some reason.

The picture on the wall is just a simple repeating image made in photoshop that I made a million years ago. I think it's the way the light is hitting the image that makes it look like there's a one on it.

Charlie J. said...

I'd kill to see Eddie's wall!

On my wall:
-50s mexican woody woodpecker poster
-old Hanna Barbera soap bottles
-spumco dolls
- Huckleberry Hound cell paint kit

I dont have as much cool crap as Kali though!

ryan said...

wow that lynne naylor painting is super awesome, youre lucky to have it!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

kali: Wow! You have a great wall! I don't see anything that looks like a number one though!

Jorge Garrido said...

>kali: Wow! You have a great wall! I don't see anything that looks like a number one though!

Only people born in the 80s whose Christian names end in "O" can see it.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Katie: Hmmmm! Not a bad idea!