Saturday, February 09, 2008


John received The Winsor McCay Lifetime Achievement Award. It was an unexpectedly moving event and the crowd cheered enthusiastically. Other recipients included Brad Byrd, Glen Keane and John Canemaker. Good speeches by all.

Here's John (above), looking very suave. Kali appears to be reacting to a loathesome thing crawling on the armrest.

Jerry Beck won a much-deserved special award for contributions to the industry and gave one of the better speeches of the night.

Let us take a moment to appreciate the suavity of Jim smith and Mike (above).

After the ceremony John signs autographs. Jim appears to be hooting at Kali, though he may have sucked in a passing bee.

Mike also discovers the loathesome thing, this time crawling on JoJo's jacket.

JoJo won an award for volunteer work at The ASIFA Archive.

After the ceremony Mike and I searched for our parking structure with Marjane Satrapi, director of "Persepolis." Wow! She has a magnetic personality!

At the after-awards party Mike (above) toasts an off-screen friend while Steve is lost in visionary reverie.

Here's (above) Kali, fishing what appears to be an old shoe out of John's Annie Award.

Tom Minton and Wendy (above) were there! They make a great couple! Tom's a producer but in this picture he has the brooding look of a novelist. I'll bet Kurt Vonnegut would like to have looked like this.

Why is the image (above) so blurry? Did I put my thumb on the lens?

Here (below) a passing giant asks for Tom's autograph and Tom graciously complies.


David Germain said...

Man, I wish I could have been there. Hopefully someone will put the speeches on Youtube so that Jerry and/or Amid can put them on Cartoon Brew.

Hey, Eddie, can you answer my blog's question?

I.D.R.C. said...

Does the award have an actual xoetrope inside?

Congrats to John and the other recipients!

amir avni said...

Whatta night! congratulations, and gawd bless you, everyone!

--Mike reminds me of lou costello.

Nico said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! Congratz to John. I cannot stop looking at Mike's shoes. Suave, my friend.

Kali looks WONDERFUL! And she was so worried that she had nothing to wear. What a prima donna! HAHAHA

Larry L. said...

Congrats to all! Looks like a great time.
I'm so jealous...

JoJo said...

A fun night to remember! Thanks for sharing the pics Eddie!

Tom said...

Amazing off-the-cuff photography, Eddie! Friday was indeed a stellar night but I do wish "Persepolis" had won something. It was great to see everyone. Wendy was delighted to see you again. The whiter than usual Scots-Irish pallor on my visage indicated how ill I was about to become from ingesting that bad lemon bar. To paraphrase Preston Sturges, "don't eat 'em, you'll live longer."

Tom Minton

Pete Emslie said...

"Kali appears to be reacting to a loathesome thing crawling on the armrest."

Eddie, how dare you describe John that way! And I thought you were his friend...

EOCostello said...

I liked the photos of Tom Minton. I've had some dealings with him off and on over the years, and he's always left a good impression with me. I was very sorry when he had the health issues with his late wife, and then his son. A run of bad luck, but he's obviously worked through it. A good man.

Lester Hunt said...

Thanks for the show, Eddie. Makes up a little bit for not being there!

Eshniner Forest said...

Mike looks like hes apart of some mafia! Ha!

Some Guy said...

Whoah, nice zoot suit, Mike!

Josh "Just What the Doctor Ordered" Heisie said...

Everyone looks quite suave indeed, especially Steve. Congratulations guys!

pappy d said...

The Ren & Stimpy clips were the comic climax of the evening.

I saw Tom Minton twice Friday night. He looked just like I last saw him but with talcum in his mustache. He breezed past me twice muttering something I KNOW was hilarious, but I couldn't hear him before the crowd swallowed him up again.

There's something fundamentally funny about almost not hearing a witty remark.

Nothing sadder than a dyspeptic animator at an open bar.
Please try to contact me through

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Pete: LOL!!!!

Pappy: You were there and didn't introduce yourself!?

IDRC: I think you can put film strips in them but you have to make them yourself!

Chris S. said...

Looks like fun, Eddie! Thanks for posting so we could share in the experience!

I've been up listening to the Popeye commentary by you guys (a friend just loaned me the discs) ... it was fun and educational as always. I want you three to commentary all your favorite cartoons and post 'em online! How great would that be?

J. J. Hunsecker said...

I really like Mike F's suit -- it makes him look like he stepped out of the 40's -- and that Kali girl sure looks cute.

By the way, Eddie, it's Brad Bird, not Byrd.

Ryan G. said...

Wow! Mike looks straight out of "Goodfellas."

carlo guillot said...

Is there any chance of a transcript of John's speech?
I also wanna tell you that I've just finish a short film that I've dedicated to John, you can check it out at my blog.
I'll really appreciate if you can made any comment :)

Anonymous said...

Man, I hate suit and tie events. Bless everyone who can wear those torture devices and still smile!

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Damn. Looks like a missed a good time. Next time, I'll catch my plane.

Next time.

- trevor.

John Pannozzi said...

Very nice pictures.

Who is Wendy?

Tom Minton HAS to have his own blog.

Eddie, please bug Tom into starting his own blog.

Chris S. said...

anonymous said... Man, I hate suit and tie events. Bless everyone who can wear those torture devices and still smile!

Geez anonymous! You're missing out! When I get all suited up I feel like I'm James bond, a lounge singer in the 60's, or a debonair Manhattan socialite ... maybe you haven't found the right suit. My suit is actually called "Scorsese Movie" - that alone makes me smile.

Jennifer said... nice! I'm jealous.

I was expecting it to be really formal. That's okay, though. Everybody looked really nice, and it seemed like it was a fun time for all.

I still think that Kali could pass as your daughter, Uncle Eddie. I mean it as a compliment. :)
I remember showing your blog to one of my coworkers, and he thought that she was your daughter.

hayden the wise said...

why is it so deserted

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Chris: Right you are! A mysterious transformation takes place when you wear a tux!

Jennifer: Cartoonists hang around other cartoonists. When Bob Clampett was alive I never turned down an opportunity to hang out with him, in spite of the age difference.

hmmm, you gave me an idea for my next blog!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Carlo: The cat on the airplane, right!? It was great! Congratulations! Show it to John!

Chris: Commentary on YouTube cartoons? That's a really, really great idea!!!!!!! Many thanks!

pete: LOL!

Hunsecker: "Bird!?" Son of a Gun! I just assumed that no one spells their name the way it sounds anymore.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

"I want you three to commentary all your favorite cartoons and post 'em online! How great would that be?"

Chris: Commentary on YouTube cartoons? That's a really, really great idea!!!!!!! Many thanks!

I got you both beat. Check out the commentary I did for Buckaroo Bugs. Admittedly, there's one or two facts I got wrong, but it took a while to get it made, so I didn't have time to re-record.

Check it out!

- trevor.

PCUnfunny said...

Oh so thats what Tom Minton looks like ! Congrats to John and definetly makes the three piece suit work. God I wanted to be there.

Ken Mitchroney said...

The pictures of Mike inspired me to call him and start an "Merchants protection agency", YA GET ME!

carlo guillot said...

Hi Eddie
I've send the link of my short film (cat in an airplane to John, but he either:
a) haven't see it
b) did saw it but make no comments at all
c) is preparing a whole post based on my filminute (yep, a man can dream hehe)
Soooo, maybe you can bribe him for me, I'll give you cookies hehe.
And if its not too much to ask, can you analyze my short film, or just tell me what you like and what not, to improve myself?
Thanks again

sarah j. said...

Wow, congratulations! Everyone looks great...and you met Marjane Satrapi?! I'm so jealous! She sounds like a cool person.

carlo guillot said...

Hi Eddie
I don't know if you pull some strings, but John saw my short and he liked it. Also Kali and Marlo.
So, I guess I owe you a couple of cookies.