Thursday, February 07, 2008


Warning: nudity below!

Forgive me for writing a post that's all over the place.  I just haven't had the time to write. Just rambling now, I thought I'd mention that I've been fooling around with imovie 08 and 06, the two amateur mac editing programs.  Holy Mackeral! The critics of 08 were right! 06 is a whole lot easier to use! Now at long last I've experienced the simplicity that mac is famous for and it's wonderful to behold! I was able to do almost everything quickly without resorting to a help menu. o6 is amazingly intuitive!  Of course 08 has the ability to send everything to YouTube with a couple of clicks.

I'm reading a book on the famous Chinese 36 strategems. My book implies that these traditional strategems were taught to every Chinese child for a long, long time, but Wikipedia says the book has only been available since 1961. 

Every strategy has a romantic title and a story that goes with it.  "Loot the house when it's burning" is another way of saying, "Take advantage of your enemy's misfortunes". Somehow expressing the idea with the metaphor of the burning house makes it more memorable. "Borrow a corpse to resurrect the soul" is a romantic way of saying "Re-interpret the past in order to influence events in the present." It's amazing that this is taught to young children.  It's a very practical way of looking at the world, very far removed from the Christian ethic that prevailed here until recently. 

In real life mildly crazy girls are kind of sexy.  Probably girls find crazy guys to be sexy too, if the craziness is mixed with charm. Isn't it odd that we're all attracted a bit by craziness? No wonder every generation has so many half-cocked people! 

I also find it interesting that the allure of craziness doesn't translate into photography.  These pictures are fascinating to look at but they're not exactly erotic. My guess is that in real life these girls would be very sexy, but in photography not so much so. Why is that? Maybe a lot of eroticism is in the eyes, and that's hard to capture in pictures. 

BTW, None, absolutely NONE of what I said about crazy people applies to anyone I know, thank heaven! I have to say that because every time I write about human oddities, half the people I know look at me strange the next day, as if they'd been insulted. 

Also, if one of the paragraphs is blue that's because I hit a wrong button and am too tired to do anything about it.  


Some Guy said...



I find those girls sexy but I don't find crazy girls sexy.

Anonymous said...

You totally saved that post with the naked girls.

Adam said...

I don't know if those girls are crazy. The second girl doesn't have anything remotely crazy in her expression; I think it's very enticing. Besides looking crazy and being crazy are totally different things. I've known girl next door plain jane types who are completely out of their skulls.

And yes mild craziness is sexy. I think to women more than men, because self consciousness, which I think is the opposite of craziness, leads to erectile dysfunction. Crazy people are just better lays.

I.D.R.C. said...

"When you sleep with crazy woman, don't close both eyes" is a romantic way of saying,
don't nail crazy broads.

Lester Hunt said...

One of my rules is: "Never sleep with someone whose mental problems are worse than yours." I know this is a good rule because I have broken it so many times.

lastangelman said...

I couldn't post anything when I first saw this post about ten hours ago because I was at work - I was flabbergasted and awestruck by the vixens with the allure of dementia.

It's been awhile, I reckon ...

Dang, I've been wondering about this too. From a male perspective the reason women or girls who are attractive and have even a glint of unstableness lurking that can be detected are sexy is ... is ... IS ... I'm going to go with ... IS ... the possibility they are absolute freaks in bed. Phew! I thought, I'd never get that out. There's this loaded cultural gobbledy gook somewhere in a lot of guys DNA and upbringing that makes guys thinks that beautiful or cute unhinged females are either nymphos (easy lays) or creatively fantastic in the act of sex. This cultural romantic idea of the beautiful maniac, combining the ideal of femininity, promiscuousness and also a bit of danger (one could get REAL hurt or worse) playing with fire is still very powerful, the very idea an aphrodisiac in and of itself. I do not know why that is. It just simply ... IS!
I can attest, sadly I might add, there is a kernel of truth to that: that many sexy but deranged women are loose and experienced, so to speak, yet they have suffered traumas in their lives, physical, mental or both, and many times get little or no enjoyment from act themselves. They have so little control in their lives, this is their one power they exude, their allure to men who find their persona attractive, but it also invites more chaos in their lives, so the control is really an illusion.

But am I straying a little far out there?

The intention of your post I think is about the allure of beautiful women who appear unhinged, just the possibility, not whether they actually are nymphos or axe murderesses, etcetera. Yeah, many people like the hint of danger, it's seems exciting and inviting, a taste of the unexpected. Maybe not BLIND DATE, but something like an amusement park ride. And from the safety of one's imagination it remains playful and safe speculation.

Nico said...

I'm glad that the mac is starting to get easier for you to use Eddie! Hey, do you have a YouTube account, or are planning to get one??

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever seen nekkid pictures of girls and the phrase "half-cocked" used in the same post. haha

ELLERY said...

Mr. Uncle Eddie:
yes, a little crazy is sexy. I do not like straight-laced people because they are boring; they remind me of sheep. A person who has a little crazy in them has the nerve to go away from the heard. They can see different ways and possibilities that others are afraid to embrace. Sometimes a little crazy is just normal, but different. I am a little crazy. It suits my lifestyle, and my husband and I have a great time. One of the best singers I know said it best: "I've always been crazy, but it's kept me from going insane". This world is hard to live in at times, and if I have to live in it with some of the people who choose to make life difficult, then that is my mantra.
Thanks again for some delightful reading!

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

I've nailed a ton of crazy broads. They're the best at sex, and the only way you can find better sex is if you have a life partner who loves experimenting as much as Clampett did.

But, you don't date crazy girls. You sleep with them and hope you don't get any crazy on you.

Also, this behaviour works better if you're in your twenties. I assume once I hit the big three-oh, I'll realize I'm tired of this.

Hell, I'm 29 and already done with it.

BTW, I can't stand iMovie. You want total video editing freedom? Get Kali to burn you a copy of Final Cut Pro. If it's good enough for George Lucas, it's good enough for me.

- trevor.

lastangelman said...

Never heard of DOMAI , so I checked it out. Nice tasteful stuff. But the Vintage collection download - very classy stuff. Great models to draw. Artful B&W photography.

Eshniner Forest said...

Anonymous said...

Ever went swimming with a crazy bow-legged gal?

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Nico: I didn't mention your latest blog here because I figured I'd do a whole post about it. I was floored when I saw it! Thanks a million!

Nico, Boo: I'm committed to getting on YouTube real soon. I just wanted to do imovie first, as a way of breaking in.

Ellery: Wow! An insightful comment! it makes sense to me!

Last: Well, they're not only sexually more forthcoming but they show a need for the person they're with, which I always find appealing. Why are normal people always trying to pretend that they don't need anyone?

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

BTW, when I mentioned that the 36 strategems were practical compared to the Christian way of doing things, I didn't mean that as a slam against Christians. The strategems are practical, no doubt about it, but they seem cold and manipulative without some compensating code of responsibility to your fellow man. .

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Some: OK, I'll try to stop using "random." It is kind of overused, isn't it?

Andreas said...

I am of the opinion that the secret to a long and fruitful relationship is to find someone with compatible craziness, because we are all at least a little crazy.

Andrew Moore said...

I love it when you write blue paragraphs!

Lester Hunt said...

I know I am late in saying this, but there is nothing in the world wrong with saying "random," just because it is used a lot. Aren't "the" and "is" use a lot? Just use it right, which as always Eddie is doing. Don't say "Duke, that's really random," to mean "Boy, that's really silly."