Monday, February 25, 2008


ANNOUNCER:  "Yes, it's THE SMOKER, and a smoker knows many things! Through the wisps of tobacco smoke he sees truth and error...and MURDER!"

ANNOUNCER: "In tonight's episode we find THE SMOKER skulking through the dark corridors of the abandoned farm house. If he's lucky, he'll find the kidnapped girl. If he's not lucky....."

THE SMOKER:  "Who are you? Where's your body? I don't see a body!"

DR. SWEET: "I am Dr. Sweet. I don't have a body any more, but I get along alright..."

DR. SWEET: "...with a little help from my friends."

THE SMOKER:  "Glad to meet ya! What a fine bunch of fellows, yessir!"

THE SMOKER:  "Look, I'm not a cop! Somebody pays me and I do this stuff.  I don't know why you took the girl, and I don't care. "

SMOKER: " Let me take her with me now and we'll call this square.

DR. SWEET: "Square? You'll call it 'square?' That's very funny! He'll call it square! (Laughs)"

MAN CREATURES: (They laugh)

(The laughter becomes a cacophony)

THE SMOKER: "Stop it! Tell them to stop it!"

DR. SWEET: "Stop."

THE SMOKER:  "Look, I got $500 here. That was my down payment for getting the girl."

THE SMOKER:  "Let me walk out of here with her now, and it's all yours. You better make up your mind fast, though, before I change my mind."

THE SMOKER: "No? Are you sure? Gee, that's too bad......then, how about............"

THE SMOKER:  "....How about THIS!!!???" Get the girl NOW! We're leaving!!!!!"

DR. SWEET: "Oh you're leaving?"

DR. SWEET: "Did you hear that? We just met and now he's leaving! Maybe we can persuade him to stay a little longer!"

(The creatures go ballistic! Lots of growls and howls as they go on the attack!)

ANNOUNCER:  "What's going to happen to THE SMOKER!?  Where is the kidnapped girl? Who is Dr. Sweet!? How can he survive without a body? Why are his henchmen hideously deformed? Find out next week when we again present another exciting episode of...'THE SMOKER!' "


lastangelman said...

Wowie-ka-zowie!!!That's better than The Great Piggy Bank Robbery. Bob Clampett would be either green with envy or more likely laughing his butt off.

Patrick McMicheal said...

I can see you are starting to enjoy the cool things about a MAC!
I bet you are the most fun DAD in the world!

Bitter Animator said...

Now that one is plain crazy. Dr.Sweet is fantastic and may well have a future in sci-fi movies. You need an agent.

Adam Tavares said...

Stupendous. Your best yet.

Anonymous said...


David Germain said...

Aw man, don't kill the Smoker off on Tex Avery's birthday. Who do you think he is, Screwy Squirrel? ;)

Delightful noir narrative, sir. I await part II with baited breath (whatever that means).

Kali Fontecchio said...

Holy crap! What's going to happen!??? Oh god!!!

Those heads were great! I think I might draw some later if time permits me.

I have a feeling I know whose hands those are at the end, hahha- such good sports!

Taber said...

Jeeze that was downright scary on some of those!

Raff said...

Now this is inspiring.

Anonymous said...

What a bountiful visual feast! If Spade Cooley were alive to see this, it would kill him.

Julián Höek said...

and uncle eddie does it again!

amazing stuff!

Nico said...

this is so awesome EDDIE!!!!!! man, Dr. Sweet and his creatures are amazing. who's hands at the end??

Kali Fontecchio said...

YOU LOOK LIKE SQUIDWARD in those floating head pics, no?


Anonymous said...

This post is made of win and awesome.

Trevor Thompson said...

Well, now we know how Marlo sees the world!

I LOVE this one, Eddie! Who's hands are those at the end?

Some of those hands look big and floppy like Ted Pierce's caricature in 'Waikiki Wabbit'.

It's nice to see your already cartoonish face made to look even more toony! I'm gonna try to draw some of these.


- trevor.

lastangelman said...

BTW, whatever happened to "THE SMOKER"(Episode 6)?

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

David: Tex's birthday!? I didn't know! If I had i might have celebrated!

Nico: Those are the hands of chronically shy people who won't let me talk about them on the net.

Kali: Thanks...but who is Squidward?

Last: There was no episode 6. I was too anxious to do episode seven.

Anonymous said...


Marc Deckter said...

Incredible henchmen!

Pete Emslie said...

That looks like Eddie's long-beaked Dad among Dr. Sweet's henchmen. Sorry to see that your Dad has crossed over to the dark side just like Darth Vader did, Eddie. I hope that The Smoker can successfully free him from Dr. Sweet's clutches! I guess we'll find how it all turns out in Episode 8 or 17 or whatever...

Trevor Thompson said...

You forgot Neon Noodle and Picklepuss!

- trevor.

Hammerson said...

If your previous post was the best ever, this one must be the second best! Hilarious stuff, like film noir directed by Bob Clampett!
Anxiously awaiting for the Smoker ep.8

Anonymous said...

I love how the Smoker episodes always start in the heat of the action already, like it was a 1930s serial and you didn't see the first few episodes so you weren't sure what was going on but it's entertaining anyway!

South Park did that in their Buck Rogers parody. That's also what I liked about Star Wars!

Barbasaurus Rex said...

Eddie you kill me, this blog is a masterpiece.
You should have your own show on prime time!!
Start a podcast immediately!!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Some: You read my mind!

Freckled: Thanks! Wait til you see what i'm working on now! I'm teaching myself how to use iMovie 8 so I can put up YouTube videos, which I'll put up on this site. Podcasts are definitely in the future too. To my surprise The Smoker seems to work OK on video. I didn't think it would!

It's gone a bit slow because I've had to teach myself basic computer skills along the way. So far I've done this whole blog with just a few memorized moves, endlessly repeated. It's a great feeling to try something new.

Squishy Sqiggles said...

I saw this wasn't it called "Freaks" LOL! Very funny!