Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The picture above isn't me. It's Czeslaw Milosz, the writer. More about him in a minute. What I need to talk about now is cartoon acting.

Years ago I decided to specialize in funny cartoon acting. I did it because I loved it, and was a fan of the great cartoon actors like Rod Scribner, and because I thought it might give me an edge in the job market. Now years later I have to admit that the edge wasn't much of an edge. I think I lost as many jobs as I gained because of the acting thing. A lot of new animation was about design and and didn't seem to require acting; as a matter of fact, acting seemed downright out of place.

How did this design emphasis come about? Why does it seem to exclude acting? Why would artists want to exclude acting? I have a bizarre and probably wrong explanation for it. It's pretty silly, but then again this is a theory site and if you can't do silly theories here then where can you do them? the theory is all about...


According to the Wikipedia, ketman is an arabic word which means "paying lip service to authority while holding personal opposition." I prefer a broader definition that I got from Czelaw Milosz's Cold War-era book, "The Captive Mind." Milosz lived under communism where an unguarded word at a party could lead to a prison sentence. He said that the only sure way to be safe was not even to think of opposition to the government. If you allow yourself to think about it, even if you're good at holding it in, sooner or later you'll blurt it out in public and get in trouble. So you practice ketman... you avoid certain topics, you learn to think of controversial issues in terms of broad generalities and homilies, even if you're at home alone.

Of course in a state like the one Milosz lived in lots and lots of things were politicized so the number of subjects to avoid was pretty large. Milosz believed that this kind of restraint led to mass neurosis and a crippling of the elan and zest for life of a whole people. Only liquor seemed to help. Believe it or not all this has to do with animation.

My crackpot theory is that the reason modern animators have rejected comedic acting and work in such a cold style is because they've become uncomfortable with social interaction, and the reason they're uncomfortable with this is because they've practiced ketman all their lives. I blame political correctness.

Modern white guys are bundles of restraint. Talking to them you get the feeling that every sentence is a tortured navigation through dangerous waters. You can't say for example, "She's an idiot" because idiot is an offensive term... a hate crime... and men are not supposed to criticize women without a lengthy philosophical disclaimer stating their good intentions and history of fairness. I can only imagine what it must be like to be a student in art school where half of the students regard themselves as political police whose job it is to inhibit the speech of the other half of the students. My guess is that students resort to ketman to get through the day.

Remember what Milosz said about ketman? If it can cripple the elan and zest for life of whole nations, I don't think it would spare art students.

My guess is that design rules animation right now because design is appealing all by itself and doesn't require characters to have acted relationships with each other. Relationships are minefields to the young, at least to young men. Relationships have an unpleasant association requiring ketman to soothe things over.

Well, that's the argument. Do I believe it? I'm not sure. I can think of almost as many arguments against it as for it, and it is pretty self-serving. You could argue that design emphasis comes about because it's congenial to Flash animation, or that cold but beautiful graphic styles have been popping up ever since Picasso. I don't know...



kellie said...

Very interesting. But as the emphasis on design in animation always harks back to early 20th Century modernism, I wonder can the theory also apply in some way to the origins of modernism?

There was, and remains, a claim to moral virtue in much modernism which goes beyond a pleasure in particular ├Žsthetic effects. Actually this claim to moral virtue can also be found in some 19th Century art movements too. In the Pre-Raphaelites and the Arts and Crafts movement for example, which led on in part to modernism through the Bauhaus &c.

The Afterlife of George Carlin said...

My dear Mr. Fitzgerald. Please allow me to illustrate my defense against demeaning practitioners of political correctness, here. I hope you and the other commenters on your blog find this helpful and perhaps, enlightening. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Some Guy said...


Roo said...

it would be impressive if any free thinking people survived art school. the art students i know seem to have the same narrow minded politically correct attitude and act self righteous about it. you would think an artists job to punch a hole in bullshit like that. show the world for how it is not for how they where taught to see it.

The Horns and the Hawk said...

i would agree. at least to some extent. that's why i quit going to art school. the hypocritical politically correct mindedness was pretty depressing. there were a few "ray of sunshine" kids there who wouldn't jump on you for calling a spade a spade.

actually, i'm not sure if it was "ketman" or "pc," but there's definitely something depressing as all hell at art school, and (like milosz said) only the kids who got drunk and smoked pot (or worse) seemed to think that everything was cool. and i think the thing that was depressing for me is that artists are (by reputation) the ones that are supposed to be "enlightened" and "tolerant," when really, every person in that building was just goose stepping to someone else's drum (the angry liberal feminist bush hating drummer, who only speaks in slogans), and as soon as they find out you don't like that particular song, they ostracize you in this really weird passive aggressive sort of way. but yes, ketman. it gets depressing, especially if you don't want to medicate yourself with narcotics.

the other reason i left is because my drawing is too inconsistent. sometimes i'm like da vinci, other times i'm like a nickelodeon cartoon.

Snurp said...

I wouldn't go so far as to say that animators can't or don't think in such personal terms anymore (and I don't think you would either, Eddie). But I might say that it is certainly easier to go with good looking images than it is to focus on emotive design. Focusing on plain imagery is much more straightforward and gets across easier. Since there is a national (if not sometimes international) market, an artist, to be competitive, has to send out something that has an impact in the broadest sense and does so quickly. In order to both send out something easily recognizable and to avoid the pitfalls that come with political correctness, it is easier to send something 'simple and pretty', even if one disagrees with it. Those who run things generally want a good investment, not necessarily creativity. So I agree with you quite a bit, though I would put it more along the lines of the market and getting oneself out there than anything deeper in the consciousness. They might not be less interested, but it's more difficult to go in that direction.

It also seems that such a way of looking at it leads to self-perpetuation, i.e. artist (and politician, and writer, and whoever else) restricts self, there is less variety out there, people are exposed to less, their view is more restricted/controlled by what others think, and so on. But this may be counteracted to a degree by the mere fact of greater openness today, and with it more exposure to new ideas.

(Lastly, as a short addition that I felt should be mentioned, when people are so busy these days, they often don't have the time to take a more personal look at things. This seems to be a general problem with relationships, and so would have an effect here as well, most likely.)

Tanonymous said...

I don't think it has anything to do with political correctness. Cheats are easier than dimensional drawing And everyone thinks the style is 'cool'. Thus, the animation today.

Veteran Dave Brain coined the phrase, "cash register animation" to describe the timing style of all the TV studios. This is a useful term we should be using, Eddie.

pappy d said...

What a great topic!

Anonymous said...

Politics in every animation studio, past and present, is and was defined by Ketman. To survive ya gotta aim at the spaces in between, to paraphrase Robert Mitchum in "Five Card Stud."

Lester Hunt said...

I know nothing about the animation business, but Eddie's point is at least plausible. A. M. Coetzee pointed out a few years ago that when artists start getting in trouble for the content of what they say, they have an abundance of strategies to stay out of trouble, including (his examples) allegorical modes, Aesopian language and implicit references. Eddie is pointing out an even better strategy: avoid content altogether. Create contentless art! Give them nothing to pounce on!

ratskywatsky said...

I think you have to be more specific for your theory to make sense.

In the first place, you're talking about television, which has obvious limitations-it always has, Spumco notwitstanding. The acting you loved in cartoons that you wanted to model yourself after, that of Rod Scribner,etc., was theatrical full animation.

So the artists you're really discussing here are TV board artists like yourself, right?

Those guys have a responsibility to put in acting where they can but it's not going to be as extensive as Bob Clampett's key layout poses were for his animators. And anyway the storyboards for feature cartoons back then-the equivalent of what your job is now-didn't contain all the acting then either-far from it.
In other words, you started out looking for an opportunity to do something that the very procedure of TV precludes.
It seems to me that the design hasn't taken over in a detrimental way in TV-if anything, considering how difficult it is to get things through the pipeline when they're animated overseas, TV design is hugely better now than what was done in the 80s and 90s. Shows like Spongebob have more accurate(i.e. reflecting the director's intent), funny poses/acting in them than anything has for decades, and there are definitely other shows that do as well. Hasn't Katie Rice worked on some of those? Ren and Stimpy opened the floodgates and that style is still in force to this day, along with a heck of a lot of other styles influenced by Tim Biskup and that whole bunch.

From your own description of what you personally wanted to do in animation I'm surprised you never became an animator who worked in full animation. Even if you diliked the so-called Disney style there's always been mavericks who work outside that studio in commercials and on short projects, etc.-that's where you could have done Scribner and not had it watered down.
You couldn't pick a worse venue to experiment with acting in the Clampett mode than to work at Filmation or for other staid TV places, though.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Rats: Thanks for the nice and insightful letter. True, I'd have had a good time animating on commercials, etc., but eventually I'd have had to break out into animation that told a funny story. I just like stuff like that.

I don't think TV as a medium is inherently antagonistic to funny acting. Ren & Stimpy contained funny acting and it was a hit. TV is the way it is because of conscious choices by the decision makers.

Of course that doesn't let me off the hook. If I had a better way I should have made a reel and shopped it around. Thanks again for the thoughtful letter, which triggered some healthy self-reflection.

NateBear said...

Designy things sell more merchandise. Try to translate good acting into keychains mugs and baby carrot packages.

Brian said...

Interesting theory, Eddie!

Why is it no one seems to care about PC when it comes to certain things? I call it "Selective PC". For instance, ultra-liberal comedians can go on and on about conservative politicians with no backlash, but Barack Obama is a sacred cow. Even caricatures of Obama are really bland with no interesting underlying commentary. The recent New Yorker cartoon is the only really provocative caricature of BHO I've seen this year and even Bill O'Reilly jumped on New Yorker for it. People can post pictures of Bush and chimps side-by-side as a humorous comparison and nobody cares, but nobody can make an Obama monkey plush animal without a huge backlash. It's hypocritical.

Kris said...

I agree with you somewhat, Eddie, but I think it's more money than fear or inhibition.

Executives with large, successful businesses don't usually want to take serious risks. They are more likely to make a safe product very similar to past successful products, something guaranteed to be a moderate success. A risky venture could turn out to be a runaway success--but it also has more potential to be a massive failure.

It's the small companies and projects that make the big changes--which in turn compel the large companies to imitate superficially what made the small project a huge hit. I think it was the Cartoon Cartoon Show that brought us into this cold design phase (that and anime seem to be the major influences on modern cartoons), and there just hasn't been anything massively popular enough to come along and replace it yet.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Anon: Your letter is the longest I've ever received, and is probably the longest I or anyone else on Blogger will ever receive. It's the Mount Everst of letters. I salute you!

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The Horns and the Hawk said...

wow, eddie. that was like walking in on the tale end of a really bad argument between mom and dad, and both of them trying to pretend like everything is ok.

at any rate, have you ever read ishmael, or any of its psuedo sequels (my ishmael, story of b (the worst book by far), providence)? i feel like i should be spending my time learning to live directly off the land instead of doing anything else.

at any rate, i think you're right (or very damned near to it), and i feel fearful for the next not too many years.

J. J. Hunsecker said...

If animation artists practice "ketman" it's because they fear losing their jobs, not because of political correctness. If they don't agree with the people running the studio they can kiss their job goodbye. (Or at least, they won't be rehired after the seasonal layoff.)

The acting in most animated TV cartoons is dull because, for most shows, it's out of the hands of the artists anyway. Most animated shows today have producers and writers with backgrounds in live action, (The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Family Guy) and they don't like "cartoony" acting. They prefer "subtly" which equals bland acting in limited animated shows. The artists who work on these shows better do as they're told, or they won't have a job for long.

Modern white guys are bundles of restraint. Talking to them you get the feeling that every sentence is a tortured navigation through dangerous waters. You can't say for example, "She's an idiot" because idiot is an offensive term... a hate crime... and men are not supposed to criticize women without a lengthy philosophical disclaimer stating their good intentions and history of fairness.

The white men I know at the animation studios around town call women words worse than "idiot". Most white men I know aren't "bundles of restraint" either. Most of them have positions of power, too.

J. J. Hunsecker said...

Why is it no one seems to care about PC when it comes to certain things? I call it "Selective PC". For instance, ultra-liberal comedians can go on and on about conservative politicians with no backlash, but Barack Obama is a sacred cow. Even caricatures of Obama are really bland with no interesting underlying commentary. The recent New Yorker cartoon is the only really provocative caricature of BHO I've seen this year and even Bill O'Reilly jumped on New Yorker for it. People can post pictures of Bush and chimps side-by-side as a humorous comparison and nobody cares, but nobody can make an Obama monkey plush animal without a huge backlash. It's hypocritical.

First of all, you've misinterpreted what the New Yorker is satirizing. It's not ridiculing Obama, but rather the ridiculous, fearful lies that those on the right have spread about him and his wife.

You think Obama gets off easy? The press gives McCain donuts, while Obama is called a radical Muslim. (He's Christian.) The press harped on Obama's association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, but not McCain's association with Pastor John Hagee, who said that Hurricane Katrina was God's punishment against New Orleans for hosting a homosexual parade, that the Jews brought the Holocaust upon themselves by "turning away from the true God," and referred to Catholicism as a "false cult."

The reason people can post pictures of Bush and chimps side by side without much backlash (except for delusional righties) is because Bush is an idiot that looks like a chimp, his policies have been disastrous for the country, and more than 70% of the U.S. population dislikes the corrupt clown.

Why do you conservative right wingers constantly act as if you're victims? Your policies have hurt so much of the country and now you whine that people pick on you when they voice their outrage.

Bitter Animator said...

Unlike Ratskywatsky, I don't believe you need to be more specific here. In fact, I think this is a far more widespread issue and is about all of current Western society. I don't think it's even just political correctness, though that is certainly an issue. I think it's largely about distraction and misdirection.

We live in a world where people are bombarded by choices, propaganda, taxes, careers, news stories, advertising and much, much more. And I think people are shutting down. It's just too much to take in. And this serves the interests of many groups – governments for one. A little bit of misdirection and the current issue blows over in no time because people simply have too much to think about. They can't focus. It of course serves most corporations as it nurtures the consumer society that feeds them. Ads everywhere, totally unavoidable, tell people each and every day that their lives are incomplete, or they are broken, and yet personally deserve to have everything and their own whims desires mean everything while they push their shit on you. Makes for a society more driven by a closed-off sense of individuality, coupled with greed, and yet also a crippling feeling of inadequacy.

Companies have also become very good at giving things to people, lifestyles, that initially seem positive and actually are but they are also traps. People get locked into careers, work becomes everything.

Then what goes on in the world, daily atrocities, some of which are carried out in our name, are just too much for people to think deeply about. We couldn't function if we spent our day really considering the latest child to have walked over a landmine or the British troops who forced an underage Iraqi boy to have sex with his friend or even the American troops who threw a puppy off a cliff. It's too much.

People simply can't think about everything that the world throws at us.

And, when it comes down to it, people are just trying to get by. And, in my view, to do that, we are withdrawing. Text messaging, emailing, the internet is a far more comfortable way to communicate because we are shielded. We are safe as each of us withdraws from the world, and other people. Sure, we can communicate with thousands of people now, and it's hard to think of that as unsocial, but it's a different sort of communication.

And the political correctness, fear of our own thoughts and words, is part of that. We censor ourselves more and more.

It's not really human interaction. As people, we are withdrawing into ourselves just to get by day to day.

And how can we represent acting or draw acting when we can't do it ourselves in real life? And, if we could really represent true acting, would people be comfortable watching it?

Vincent Waller said...

OK. I officially nominate Uncle Eddie for president of the United States.

On the first topic, I'm not sure if it's from cartoonists hiding their feeling as much it is that real emotions scare the average executive.
I've seen the reaction to specific emotions in storyboards time and time again. Where the people looking over boards focus on one drawing and are scared by it. Even though in actual screen time these would be micro-emotions to the human eye.

David Germain said...

I guess one could say that my Censor Monkeys are my attack against Kitman. It's alot of fun simultaniously demonizing AND dehumanizing those who practice political correctness and such. I portrayed the monkey mostly in charge of silencing the dissention as a Nazi. But, if I had read about Milosz' experience in communist Russia, I might have made him a Bolshivic soldier instead. Oh well, live and learn.

pappy d said...


I hope you don't really regret going into story. You might have wound up in perpetual ketman, honing your skills for a project that never comes. Animators need you to give meaning to our lives spent in dimly lit rooms.

"Relationships are minefields to the young, at least to young men. Relationships have an unpleasant association requiring ketman to soothe things over."

Young men should ask themselves: "What would Captain Brandon Birmingham do?"

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Pappy: Gee, I almost regret this post. It sounds like I was whining about lost opportunities in my career, which was not my intention at all. I wanted to talk about ketman.

Cold but beautiful graphics have been gaining momentum ever since Picasso and are not a creation of the political correctness movement...not the modern version of it anyway. I don't think my ketman idea is sufficient to explain why artists prefer abstracted graphics, but it may be a contributing factor.

I offer this theory in the belief that some ideas are so stimulating and provacative that they're useful even if they're wrong or incomplete.

Adam T said...

It's aggravating when people try to take a moral high ground and perpetuate this junk, ketman and politcal correctness or whatever you want to call it.

These uppity power hungry types are trying to rewrite human behavior from the top down and it simply won't work. How could it? They're battling millions of years of evolution. Self denial just isn't effective. It causes more problems than it solves.

I think people should just find a way to workout the less desirable impulses safely but they'll have to acknowledge that they're there first. Otherwise they'll come out in some violent burst ( think Michael Richards ).

And another problem ketman and political correctness causes is seeing specific isolated situations as part of some larger problem.

I've been called a racist because I've done impersonations of specific people I know who happen to be black and japanese. I've had to argue with strangers that I wasn't 'perpetuating ethnic stereotypes' I was simply goofing on my friends.

Adam T said...

So to bring things back to why character animation isn't as common today goes to these innocent specific instances are being seen as a general message.

So a cartoon rabbit can't pinch anyone's ass and say 'Hiya toots!', anymore, because that is no longer seen as a specific character in a specific situation that's an endorsement of sexism by the animation studio.

Who wants to deal with the inevitable lawsuits that'll come pouring in by organizations with acronyms for names. It's safer to get your artistic jollies in design.

J. J. Hunsecker said...

"Cold but beautiful graphics have been gaining momentum ever since Picasso and are not a creation of the political correctness movement...not the modern version of it anyway. I don't think my ketman idea is sufficient to explain why artists prefer abstracted graphics, but it may be a contributing factor. "

I think part of the problem is that most artists feel that the flat graphic style suits limited animation better than dimensional drawing. Sometimes they're right. "The Powerpuff Girls" looks better on TV than the attempts at the classic Disney style in shows like "Tale Spin" or "Rescue Rangers." It's all the imitators of Craig McKracken's flat style that are really bad, like "Fairly Odd Parents."

Maybe since most artists in the animation business don't, and usually can't, animate (and there really aren't many opportunities to be an animator in the U.S.), they pour their energies in the one area where they can make an impact -- on design. Too many modern animation artists idolize, and are influenced by, Mary Blair, UPA and other 50's stylized cartoons like Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom. (Which I also enjoy.) Maybe if they did animate they would prefer to make cartoons like Clampett's?

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by elan and zest?

Brian said...

No, I'm not misrepresenting anything, Hunsecker. I said the New Yorker caricature was the only provocative one of BHO I've seen this year and it is. I'm very well aware of what NYer said about the art. I'm also aware of the reactions to it.

From politico.com (you can find similar articles all across the internet if you just use your favorite search engine):

Barack Obama's campaign is condemning as 'tasteless and offensive' a New Yorker magazine cover that depicts Obama in a turban, fist-bumping his gun-slinging wife.

An American flag burns in their fireplace.

The New Yorker says it's satire. It certainly will be candy for cable news.

The Obama campaign quickly condemned the rendering. Spokesman Bill Burton said in a statement: 'The New Yorker may think, as one of their staff explained to us, that their cover is a satirical lampoon of the caricature Sen. Obama's right-wing critics have tried to create. But most readers will see it as tasteless and offensive. And we agree.'

McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds quickly e-mailed: 'We completely agree with the Obama campaign, it’s tasteless and offensive.'"

And the Obama monkey was made by a Obama supporter as a promotion.

Tanonymous said...

I don't think anyone over nine years old should be watching the Powerpuff Girls...

Anonymous said...

"I don't think anyone over nine years old should be watching the Powerpuff Girls..."

That's because you're a fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Eddie, that "Mount Everest" of letters was great. I agreed with most of it, but I suspect it to be copypasta.

david gemmill said...

cartoon acting is nonexistent because most people don't know how to ANIMATE anymore. and when you ANIMATE you breath life into characters. illustrations tell stories. designs are graphics, but neither do what animating does. when you animate you are forced to have a reason or purpose behind actions etc.

so now we are in an industry where a bunch of people don't know how to animate. will pull and blatantly steal from what already exist. use stock poses and expressions and pretend like they are making the characters "act" but they don't push it far enough. They don't explore it. So its just boring boring boring.

plus the way cartoons are made today there is not enough space or any time to let characters acting take place. everything is super snappy and fast and annoying voice actors screaming in your face.

oh well. I will try to bring back acting in my own personal cartoons

but you are right. most people don't care. and they don't have any personality or are too afraid to bring it to the table.

Adam T said...

And the Obama monkey was made by a Obama supporter as a promotion.

This is the perfect example of whistle blowers revealing THEIR own inherent racism. Obama has big ears that stick out and a round face that's why he resembles Curious George not because he's black everyone knows this, but it was an opportunity for career advancement.

Ambulance chasing self promoters like Jesse Jackson and every television pundit needs to justify their existence somehow, so completely frivolous situations like that somehow become national news. It's pathetic.

And what 7 year old kid wants to be a political pundit or an 'activist' when they grow up? All of those people in the media who ranted about that are personal failures. They probably couldn't finish their math requirement in college so they could actually do something useful with their lives.

pappy d said...

I love the PowerPuff girls! I remember one episode featuring one of their regular villains, Satan. He had defeated the girls & then in a surprise switch, he showered all the kids with candy. His henchman was puzzled, but Satan explained, "Why simply destroy them when I can torture them with tooth decay?" Isn't that just like him?

The English language has needed a word like "ketman" for a thousand years.

I don't think ketman has to do with any specific political philosophy. It's dominance & submission. The catastrophic consequences of speaking truth to power could be the gulag, a right wing death squad, losing your job or just hurting the feelings of a "PC thug".

Ketman is why (in Orwell's phrase) Ignorance is Strength. Most people today would prefer to live in willful ignorance & avoid the moral & psychic pain of ketman. It's more adaptive biologically for me, as an individual, to draw strength from my beliefs & I suspect that's that's the value & wisdom of revealed truth as opposed to reasoned truth. The benefits of reason tend to serve civilisation collectively, (e.g. science or philosophy). Reason is like an escalator. Once you make a commitment to ride, it's difficult to get off, even if it takes you where you didn't want to go. At times like that, you have to remind yourself that you're on an adventure.

There's something to lester hunt's idea about non-content.

Content is nothing but trouble for cartoon executives. Not only politically but (assuming they're not in business to amuse your children) financially. Creating content is the biggest money-losing part of the animation business, in much the same way that denial of your claim is considered a "profit center" by insurance companies.

Milosz has a subcategory of ketman called "aesthetic ketman". it's based on the observation that it's important to tyrants to be seen to foster culture.

"How can one still the thought that aesthetic experiences arise out
of something organic, and that the union of color and harmony with
fear is as difficult to imagine as brilliant plumage on birds living
in the northern tundras?"

trevor said...

We don't hear honest emotions on television, ever, unless they're watered-down cliches of thoughts that have been stated and re-stated time and again.

These are your "Men never ask for directions" and "Isn't airline food the worst" emotions.

I don't need a lengthy letter to make this point, because I believe this to be true: you will never EVER hear an honest emotion from someone on television unless it's documentary footage of someone in another country suffering a tragedy that happened years ago.

And since television shapes our culture ( and it DOES, whether we like it or not ), and the media companies are slowly being bought out by larger media companies until it'll only be two or one, I think we can expect to have our thoughts controlled by the end of the next decade.

People have in them an inner voice that reacts realistically to things, and if that voice, or that honest emotion isn't confirmed or they don't hear it shared with someone else they begin to think they're insane. And if you want people to think a certain way, the best way to do it is to silence or alienate anyone who thinks otherwise.

This is the sole reason political correctness exists and why it is pure evil.

By the way, Eddie... don't feel bad about posting this. This stuff needs to be talked about, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to do so.

- trevor.

PS: I don't vote, but if you ran for president, I would. Good call, Vincent. Good call. Uncle Eddie in '09!

J. J. Hunsecker said...

No, I'm not misrepresenting anything, Hunsecker. I said the New Yorker caricature was the only provocative one of BHO I've seen this year and it is. I'm very well aware of what NYer said about the art. I'm also aware of the reactions to it.

What you originally wrote certainly left one with the impression that you did indeed misinterpret the New Yorker cover. If you knew that the New Yorker was satirizing the right's attempt to smear Obama why would you mention that Bill O'Reilly objected to it? Why would it be a surprise that a conservative right winger like O'Reilly was upset over something that ridiculed the right's distorted beliefs about Obama? You would only mention O'Reilly if you thought that the New Yorker caricature of Obama was somehow mocking Obama himself. Therefore your example that even conservative O'Reilly condemned the only provocative joke aimed at Obama would prove what a "sacred cow" Obama supposedly was to the press.

Brian said...

Hunsecker, I used O'Reilly as a point of reference to show that EVEN RIGHT WING media was too "PC whipped" to say there was nothing wrong with that provocative caricature.

It's really funny actually. Left wingers make caricatures and stuffed animals and then fellow left wingers get upset over them. And the right wing media is too PC whipped to say it's ridiculous.

Brian said...

Why would it be a surprise that a conservative right winger like O'Reilly was upset over something that ridiculed the right's distorted beliefs about Obama?

That's NOT what he was "upset" by at all. Not by a long shot. He read all the talking points ahead of time to find out what the majority of people were saying, then made his display on Fox. He said basically the same thing Obama and McCain's camp did...right along with everyone else in media (everyone I've seen or heard anyway).

Anonymous said...

As much as I would like to support the rotting from within Art Philosophy bias for design heavy animation. I think I'd rather use Ockhams Razor on this one.

Its because of Flash. Just like you said.

Also, The Kids love a repeatable design. They can repeat it. It is easy for a buddingpreschool age artist to get a handle on the Power Puff Girls or Dexter.

Less Drawings mean more profits, on the production side. Give the designs a mouth chart and ship them to Korea.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Anon: Yes Flash, up to a point, but retro design was already the next new thing, even when Flash was just getting started. And remember, UPA preceded Flash.

Most of the art done in the world til recent times was stylized and didn't attempt to portray too many real emotions. The Greeks and Romans influenced Europe to like it but even there the cold, flat folk art style persisted. I like flat, I just don't want to see it drive out everything else.

Anonymous said...

I was a-talkin' to a girl last night.

I went up to her and said hi. Her and her friends started laughing. When I asked what she was laughing at she said she didn't feel like being social. I said, "Good. I don't want you to be social. I want you to be real." To which she retorted: "I'm too tired to be nice."

Me being me, I said, "If it takes effort to be social and nice, what does that say about who you really are?"

I'm not interested in people being social. I'm interested in people being real.

And I think abstraction is a way of socializing - of doing what everyone else is doing - a way of "belonging".

I'd say its easier to do what everyone else is doing, but seeing how exhausted it leaves most people to put on that social mask, I think the only thing easier about it is the lack of the burden of possible isolation.

They are scared of being hated and alone.

But if someone isn't willing to put their true selves out there, they will not find true love.

And this is why I think animation today lacks that spark and uniqueness that stirs people. Because to be hated by some means to be loved by some. Blandness means being not loved, but it also means being not hated.

And I think most people would rather be not hated than loved. Most people play it safe. Even animators.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Anon: "I'm too tired to be nice?" What a thing to say!

Anonymous said...

Last Anonymous: sometimes if a total stranger comes up to you and butts into your conversation with your friends asking a pointed question like "what are you laughing about?" it's perceived as intrusive. I'm sorry if she hurt your feelings but I think her responses were not out of line.
She obviously didn't want to encourage your attention and rebuffed you-she could have simply turned her back but at least she bothered to answer your questions. I really think to pronounce that her behaviour shows "who she really is" in any prfound way is ridiculous. Maybe it shows what you're really like-to others. You didn't take her hint, and imho you rather than her came off sounding like a bit of a dick. Well, you win some/you lose some.

It's a huge stretch to extrapolate all that philosophising from such a trivial encounter.

Anonymous said...

To the last anon: He said they started laughing after he said hi.

It reminds me of when I was in high school. I remember saying hi to this cheerleader and she busts out laughing. There was nobody else around so I assumed she was laughing at me. Did I ask her why? No, I was mortified and walked away. It's not like I had a strong self image or was in any way secure at the time. I was a typical insecure teengager and it hurt me to the core. Did she care? Nope. Did I get over it? I forgive but I can't forget it.

Why are people rude to others for no reason?

Anonymous said...

why did everyone ignore my question? is it really that retarded? i dont know what does he mean by elan and zest and how do you cripple such a thing, i dont know what elan and zest are...can someone answer?

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Anon: The elan and zest of a society...just another way of describing the level of energy, vigor and spiritual uplift that a society posesses.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Eddie!

The Aardvark said...

Thank you, Uncle Eddie. Well played.

The endless liturgy of self-qualifying and assurances of utter faith and egalitarianism wearies a soul.

Say what you say politely and well, and let the teeth and pink slips fall where they may!