Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I ate too much to post. I'm gonna sack out on the sofa. See ya' Thursday!

BTW: The drawing is of course by Don Martin.


Anonymous said...

Eddie do you know why there was never a Warner Brothers equivalent to "The Illusion of Life"?

Have you or John K ever considered writing a book on the history of cartoons?

Richard Christy said...

Old MacDonald sitting on a bench
Beating his meat with a monkey wrench
He missed his meat and hit his balls
Pissing all over his overalls

He ran to the house, he ran so fast
He shoved his dick up his momma's ass
His momma said, "Oh, bless you so,
just get your dick out of my asshole"

He went to the pond to wash it off
The damn snapping turtle bit it off
He went to the doctor to get it fixed
That stupid doctor gave him tits!

Anonymous said...

I mean all we really have for Warner Brothers is Leonard Martin and Michael Barrier