Thursday, October 20, 2011


It may also be the ugliest. Where on Earth did that guy get a suit like that? And what's it made of? Rubber? Vinyl? It doesn't look very comfortable. It reminds me of the tar ball Moe was trapped in when he floated up to the top of a barn in one of The Three Stooges films.

Thanks to a much appreciated comment from Teki, I now know where these suits come from: a company called Squeak Latex. Check out and the YouTube video above.

Here's (above) the Squeak Latex "Blueberry Suit." Amazing!

Probably everybody here has seen this already, but in case you haven't...this is one of the new line of realistic masks put out by Rusty Slussen's SPFX company. The cost? $810, and worth every penny. A bank robber recently robbed five banks with an afroamerican variant of this! Thanks to Patrick Micheal for telling me about it!

There are much better views of the mask on other YouTube videos, but this one shows how quickly the mask comes off, and it's only 20 seconds long.

Man, every year plastic masks look more appealing to me. They're more imaginative than most rubber masks, and they're a heck of a lot cheaper. The problem is that the Golden Age of this sort of thing may already have passed.

I'll have to pay a visit to my local Goth supply store and see what's on the walls this year. I don't think "The Spirit" stores sell these. I wonder why?

Wow! A nifty disguise (above) that you can put into a brief case or a back pack!

A cool wooden mask (above)...from Japan, according to a commenter!

The best thing about kid costumes in a box was always the plastic mask. Nowadays you can buy masks like that without buying the costume. At last! Reason has prevailed!

First dog costumes, now baby costumes like the one above. What next? 

So THAT'S how you make a spider costume (above)! Okay, I get it now!

Anime-style robots (above) look great, if you don't mind walking on stilts.

I don't know about you, but I like to be read to by naked girls. It's this Sunday!


tek! said...

Eddie , heres a interesting vid of what ppl do with those latex fetish 'ball suits':
(yes it SFW)

Anonymous said...

Usually it's statuesque German women who seem to wear latex fetishwear bodysuits, from what I've heard I mean....

Auralynn said...

I'm not sure if the latex outfits are good for Hallowe'en as they're fairly expensive and more for bedroom use than anything else. I was browsing the Squeak Latex site, and they do have some nice catsuits, but their animal/zoophile range is pretty interesting too:


Auralynn said...

Get these instead:

Arschblog said...

That wooden Mask is not from India,
it's most likely from Japan. This is a Tengu(天狗)-mask, based on a japanese folklore creature.;)

Severin said...

My goodness, I must admit that the video of the latex fetish suit really had me concerned. I watched it with the sound off and couldn't tell if whoever was in it was writhing in pain or pleasure.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Auralynn: Your link broke. Recently that problem's come up a lot. I'll use another browser when I post next time, and see if that helps.

Anyway, I have "234/....and fred." The computer dropped out the part where the dots are.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Tek!: Haw! Thanks a million for the great link! I used it in the post!