Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I did four posts about Steve Worth in the past three weeks, and just when I thought it was time to give some other topic a chance, Steve's internet TV show (above) debuted! Haw! Well, we'll just have to make room for a fifth post, because the event is historic. This is the first original YouTube cartoon show... ever!

Boy, Steve really got into the part (above) he's playing: that of a sorcerer who's trying to raise Walt Disney from the dead. Between attempts we get to watch three well chosen  cartoons, including one of my all-time favorites: "Swing You Sinners." Steve was a line producer for some pretty good people (Spumko, Bakshi, etc.) and is a long time cartoon fan, so he knows what the good stuff is.

All this is done in cahoots with Fred Seibert and his company, "Refrederator." Fred as you know, was the executive producer behind Cartoon Network shows like 'What a Cartoon," "Dexter's Lab" and "The Powerpuff Girls." Fred got together with YouTube to see if an internet cartoon show could be made to work, and this pilot is the result. If enough fans like it, expect to see a new show at regular intervals.

Let's see...did I leave anything out? Oh yes...the way it works is that you have to click inside the black box at the end of the video. The box appears only for an instant, so be ready. When you do that you'll be taken to the next video. The whole show requires several videos to play out, but they're all connected, like beads on a string.

Leave a comment on YouTube and let Steve know what you think!


Shawn Luke said...

Yee Hoo! This is an awesome idea!

Joshua Marchant (Scrawnycartoons) said...

Wow! That was really good. Great cartoons and great wraparounds. I'd watch more of this!

Plus I just saw Swing you Sinners for the first time. There are no words! Exclamation points will have to do!!

BlakeJ said...

I saw the first "episode" (7 or so videos on YT), and it was pretty good! I wish it success and I hope it grows as a show!

Success on Youtube isn't easy though - some of the most successful on Youtube consistenly made videos for years before they got a large following. Also, on YT, you cannot survive alone: you must collaborate with other makers to share viewers!!! It's a science!

Anonymous said...

Ignore that comment I sent you today. I didn't mean it at all and just overreacted to something that happened today. Feel much better now. Sorry for scaring you like that.

Anyways, I hope this new cartoon show catches on like wildfire, kind of with the Kickstarter thing last year. Happy Halloween, Eddie!

Auralynn said...

This is a great opportunity for Steve to show his natural charismatic charm, and show some great cartoons that not many know about. I hope for the best! x

Stephen Worth said...

If I get to do a second one, Auralynn's distinctive charm will be on display too.

Mckay Boxberger said...

haha The show was great!