Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I'll get to the decorations in a minute. First, check out this (above) painting. It's huge, isn't it!? I shrunk my sidebar to make room for it, and it still won't fit! Click to enlarge to see the whole thing. Haw! I pity people who are viewing this on a cel phone!

BTW: Is this Dan Krall's work?

Awwww...that's (above) one cute kid, no doubt about it!

I stocked up on Halloween candy early this year, and I did what I always did and began nibbling as soon as I got it home. I hope there'll be some left for the kids. I could ask my family to hide it from me, but that probably wouldn't help. I know all their hiding places.

I'd be getting a late start, but I'm tempted to put big versions of masks like these on my front porch for Halloween. Aaaargh! I wonder if I have enough cardboard?

Is that (above) a mask? I mean a mask you can buy? If so, it's pretty well done. Of course I collect funny masks, not serious ones.

This artist (above) is terrific! It looks like he draws with a "6H" pencil, but he succeeds in creating a mood. 

Okay, about decorating....cheap rubber masks make great porch decorations. Even when they're old and falling apart, you can still find a use for them. The secret of making masks like these (above) come to life is to repaint them with acrylic paint. Reshape the ones that need it with staples, pins or duct tape, and replace the existing eyes with ping pong balls.  

Old kids book illustrators pulled no punches, as you can see above. Hideous deaths were the standard consequence of crimes like not doing chores. Framed color xeroxes of pictures like this look good around doors...something for Trick or Treaters to look at.

One day I'm going to attempt to make a giant mask like this (above), only more scary. I figure black, bendable foam for the major shapes, and paint for the rest.

It would be easy to make this (above)with boxes and an old, falling-apart mask. I'd put it under the bench by the front door.

An interesting robot design, and it looks easy to reproduce, too. Well, easy if you have enough X%&$@ cardboard! You really need to start collecting boxes for weeks before the holiday. Come to think of it, the design of the guy is pretty good, too. Who drew this?


Lester Hunt said...

Eddie! We all know Halloween is your favorite holiday -- could you post pictures of your own costume or decorations this year?

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Lester: Sure, as soon as I decide what I want to be!

glamaFez said...

The robot looks like Johnny Sokko's Flying Robot.

I'm thankful for the people who made that show, and the villians they created. Where else can you see a character who calls himself "The Space Mummy"?

Roberto Severino said...
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Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Roberto: Even thinking about suicide is a big mistake. Everybody considers it at one time or another but very few people do it, and all that time spent thinking about it will just drain your spirit.

The day you resolve to live no matter what, and really mean it with no mental reservation or holding back, you'll feel an energy boost that'll surprise you. That boost will last for years, maybe a lifetime.

You're in a slump, but slumps never last. It may last for your entire school year, but eventually it'll end and you'll be able to think straight again.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Glama: Johnny Sokko? I'll have to look that up!