Friday, February 08, 2013


I'm sick as a dog and I really shouldn't be posting at all, but Valentine's Day is almost here and I couldn't resist putting up these pictures of young lovers by Don Martin. Yep, that's what young love looks like, alright! I've been there, haven't you? 

Haw! There's the girl's dad in the background!

If I wasn't so sick I'd scan all of Martin's strip but, as it is, I'll have to settle for this (above). That's a photo of the original artwork!

Here's a picture that was described as passionate on the net, but seems tepid compared to the Don Martin. Cartooning really can express some emotions better than any other medium!


Joshua Marchant (Scrawnycartoons) said...
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Stephen Worth said...

Why did that man in the photo pee himself?

kurtwil said...

Where did those Don Martin cartoons come from, Eddie? Their style echos his earliest work in MAD.

Could JK and perhaps some of his hand picked artists be the only ones in the world who could animate Don Martin styles?

Roberto Severino said...

I love Don Martin. So expressive and emotional at the same time.

Get well soon, Eddie!

Anonymous said...

yeah ! the mute stories of Don Martin reminds me a lot the comics of Gotlib "rubrique à brac" !