Monday, December 31, 2007


"Hi dudes and dudettes!!!! Welcome to my first YouTube video!!!!"

"Wait a minute! Gotta adjust the camera!"

" Isn't this tres cool!!!???"

"Oops! Gotta adjust the camera again!"

"Well, as you know, Christmas has been here!"

"I got lotsa cool presents!"

"But the best that I got from my family was this little baby ipod Classic!!! Is that righteous or what!?"

I just looooooove my ipod!!!

"Of course there's a downside to it. Everybody says they break in a year or two! The classics have a disk hard drive inside and it just wears out!"

"And they say you can't change the battery! You have to buy a whole new machine when it runs out!"

"Maybe the Nano's a better deal. It doesn't have so many movable parts. It's like a big Flash Drive. Of course other brands have mp3 players that allow you to change batteries. I had one of those and it worked great!"

"But iTunes is such a great way to download and that only works on ipods ! iTunes is so easy to use! I used to use Realplayer and that sucked big time!"

"W...W...Wait a minute.....(Sniff!)"



"Good Lord! I got my ipod dirty!"

Lick! Lick!

"Don't worry, little guy! We'll fix you up!"


"Well, if you only last a year, then we'll make sure it's a good year!"

"Gotta go now! Peace, all you dudes!!!"

"Now let's do you turn this thing off?"


Craig D said...

Eddie, you are the king of internet mugging!

Happy 2008, Mr. f.

The Horns and the Hawk said...

mine has worked flawlessly for 2 years.

of course, i think murphy's law would dictate that because i've said that, my ipod will now have to break down. weak sauce.

Kelly Toon said...

omg the heair is a great look for you eddie.

I know you've heard it before but . . . you make the funniest expressions ever. I really would love to see a video, in order to better observe the intricate machinations of your facial musculature!

Anonymous said...

That was brilliant, If Don Martin were alive today and decided to make fun of youtube it would look exactly like this post

Anonymous said...

Nice to see all the Christmas cards in the background.

How much Yodeling does your new iPod hold?

What are your top ten yodeling albums, maybe we should compare notes?

Andrew said...

Tres Cool Indeed! Licking the iPod Clean! LMAO!

Charlie J. said...


By the way, did you get the big Don Martin set yet?

James said...

Uncle Eddie! You make the best expressions!

Bill Field said...

Dooooooood!That's jes' so fuggin' cool, that, I'm like completely frostbitten- jes' like when that famous poet came back as a vampire, and finally caught up to us... But, I guess that's Frost, bitten. No, wait, that was Frosty the Vampire, runnin' all over screaming-"HAPPY BURPDAY!"
So, man, are you now, a WebCam-bodian? Tha's 'jes so fuggin' cooooooooool!

Jennifer said...

Very Funny!

The costume had me.

Lee said...

Brilliant Uncle Eddie! Absolutely brilliant!

Vincent Waller said...

Eddie you are my hero!

Nico said...


i'm also diggin your luscious locks, dude! stay fly!

Michael Sporn said...

Finally, a YouTube video that is in synch!

I think I've showed this post to at least a dozen people. You're the reason blogs exist.

Anonymous said...

So where can we see the video? I'd love to see it. It'd give me one helluva laugh!

Jordan said...

This is hilarious


Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Wow! Thanks a million for the kind words! This wasn't really a YouTube video, so there's no moving pictures. I just wanted to get a feel for the web-cam format.

Anonymous said...

if you do have the Don Martin Collection, could you put up Gary Larsons forward? Im dying to read what he had to say

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Anon: 'Don't have that collection.

tiny dean said...

Eddie, I always love your facial expressions and poses in posts like this. They look fun to draw. Maybe I will draw them one day....

John S. said...

i've had my first gen 5 gig since um...2003 or so...still works.

TBird said...

Eddie, you're too adorable. Stop it! (well, no, please don't).


L√úKEjaywalker said...

The 11th picture down reminds me of a face Joe Walsh makes a lot.

Check it out, Eddie, when you can grab a few minutes:

Max Ward said...

Does your family ever walk in on you doing this?

Sean Worsham said...

You truly understand the youth of America Eddie! XD