Sunday, December 23, 2007


Supervisor: "You let a girl beat you up?"

Eager Young Assistant: "Mmmmph!"

Supervisor: "Come here! Look at those cars. What do you see?"

Eager Young Assistant: ""

Supervisor: "And whose cars are they?"

Eager Young Assistant: "Um...the little girl's cars?"

Supervisor: "No, they're YOUR cars! You paid for them with your blood and nobody can take them away unless they pry them away from your dead and bloody fingers!

Eager Young Assistant: "Bloody fingers!"

Supervisor: "You're a tiger, fighting for its territory!"

Eager Young Assistant: "I'm a tiger!"

Supervisor: "You're invincible!"

Eager Young Assistant: "Invincible!"

Supervisor: "Now get out there and take possession!"

Eager Young Assistant: "Take possession!"

Supervisor: " 'Whoever reaches his ideal transcends it, eo ipso!' -- Nietzsche."

Eager Young Assistant: "Just let that kid try to interfere! These are MY cars!"

Young Assistant: "Beautiful!"

Eager Young Assistant: "Huh!?"


Eager Young Assistant: (Groan!)

Supervisor: (!!!!!!!!!!!)

Eager Young Assistant: "No, wait! Wait!"
Supervisor: " 'When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you!' -- Nietzsche." '



Lee said...

Merry Christmas Uncle Eddie!

(Where did you find the photo of the drooling baby?)

Ross Irving said...

Ah man. That picture of you with a black eye painted on is just awesome. It's weird how much you look like a cartoon sometimes, Eddie.

I'm trying to make new expressions on my face by exercising my tongue, jowls, eyebrows, lips and eyes. I stretch them out with my hands so they go beyond their normal limits.

Barbara said...

Hahaha, Merry Christmas!

Katie said...

Ha ha ha!!! I do love your photo stories Eddie! I hope one day I can be part of one!

I hope you have a great Christmas!

Vincent Waller said...


Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Martin, I'm so sorry I didn't give you a credit! I'd do it now, except I've forgotten your last name! I promise to get a credit up ASAP!

Katie: Wow! I'd love to do a photo essay with you!

Kali Fontecchio said...

YAY EDDIE! And cartoon writer guy?

MERRY CHRISTMAS EDDIE!!! Oh yeah you forgot your tribal nose bone here- some get it soon!

Nico said...

photo essays are my new hobby!!

Lester Hunt said...

Merry Christmas one and all (as I have said elsewhere)!.

Steve Schnier said...

Hey Eddie,
Merry Christmas and thanks for the photo story! Hope Santa brought you something good.

Ken Mitchroney said...

The gift that keep on giving. Thanks Eddie, Merry Christmas!

I.D.R.C. said...

That baby meant business.

cartoonjoe said...

Hee hee hee hee hee...

Thanks for the short story, Uncle Eddie...and for putting yourself out like that for our enjoyment!!

Merry Christmas!!

Joe Griffin, aka cartoonjoe

Ellery said...

Mr. Uncle Eddie:
Merry Christmas to you as well, and thank you for all the funny stuff on this site! You are the 4th stooge!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Thanks everybody! I hope you had a great Christmas! Mine is still underway and I'll write about it as soon as I can!

Jim said...

Merry birth of Christ!

Jennifer said...

Who's your co-star, Uncle Eddie? He looks like a film star.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Jennifer: Thanks for asking! That's my writer/actor friend Martin whose last name I desperately need to find out so I can publish it with the post.

Anonymous said...

Martin Olsen. He's a well known comedy and cartoon writer.

Ellery said...

Mr. Uncle Eddie:
Your friend reminds me of Otto Kruger. He was great in "Murder, My Sweet"!

Chip Butty said...


Not since Harvey Kurtzman's Help! photo-comics..!

Merry Christmas!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Anon: Thanks much for Martin's last name! I went back and gave him a much-deserved credit at the top

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Holy Cow! I forgot to credit Barry Caldwell for taking some of the pictures! Thanks, Barry!