Friday, July 14, 2006


Do whatever you have to do to get this DVD! Steal purses from little old ladies, sell your children into slavery....anything! It's that good!

A lot of fans were put off by some of the gags in these cartoons and it's easy to see why. There's some gay jokes, some cruelty to animals, some gross gags...most people will find at least one thing that rubs them the wrong way in here. That's the bad news. The good news is that the remaining 99% of the content is pure bliss and, taken as a whole, the contents of this set are probably the most innovative and funny thing to happen in animation in the last half century.

For me the best cartoons in the box, the pearls of greatest price, are "Naked Beach Frenzy," "Ren Seeks Help" and "Stimpy's Pregnant." Naked Beach Frenzy is hands down one of the funniest cartoons ever made. I defy anyone to sit still during the lifeguard and Shampoo Master sequences. Ren Seeks Help is packed with tour de force acting scenes which will probably change the way animation is done forever and Stimpy's Pregnant contains what might be the greatest Mr. Horse sequence ever. And those are just the top three ! I could write all night about the great gags in the other films!

It's a digression but I can't help putting up the note John wrote to his fans on a card on the inside of the box. John is not only the greatest artist working in the industry but he's the greatest writer as well. These are beautiful words. If you read enough of what he writes you begin writing and talking that way yourself. Like everything John does the words beg to be imitated.

BTW, people who pre-paid for the set are getting their's in the mail now. I'm not sure when the discs will appear in the stores.


Nico said...


Drew said...

I'm going to get it today from Amazon!

Hey Eddie,
Are you in any interviews on the dvd?


Evan said...

I totally agree with you, I have been saying that Naked Beach Frenzy is my favorite because it, to me, really pulls off the feel of the old Ren & Stimpy Show I love, plus actually having more adult oriented jokes. The hairy lifeguard is hysterical, and you get to look at Katie Rice girls. What more could you want? Ren Seeks Help is my second fav.

Brian Romero said...

I'm pretty sure it hits stores on Tuesday July 18. Mine is on order and should arrive soon.

ncross said...

Hey Eddie, I loved your boards for Onward & Upward! When I saw those I got real scared....I felt like running away and hiding under a big rock screaming, "I'm a FRAUD!!!!"
They were that good.

Ryan G. said...

Im stalking my mailbox as we speak..watching..and waiting..

Shawn said...

I just got an email from five minutes ago telling me that my order has been shipped!!! Now I'm going to have insomnia!!!

Dennis said...

Oh no! Amazon won't deliver mine until July 20th!

Use your powerful influence to speed these slowpoke deliverers up, Uncle Eddie!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Nick: Wow! Thanks for the kind words! I'm a huge fan of yours and I remember vivdly how all the Burbank Spumco artists dropped what they were doing and gathered around to see your scenes as they came in. I can't wait to see "Waif of Persephone" when it's ready!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Drew: I'm in some of the interviews on the DVD, or rather my dowdy, greying look-alike is in them. The handsome, youthfull me was tied up and gagged before the camera rolled.

katzenjammer studios said...

hey eddie!

are you gonna make it to comic con? if you are, stop by my booth. i'd love to meet you and delicately shake your hand. maybe some talent will rub off.

i don't want to be a big advertisement, but see my blog if you're interested! i got some things for ya, pal!


Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Chris: I can't go to the con this year because I'm working. Aaarrgh!It sounds like it's going to be one of the best conventions in years!

Jorge Garrido said...

I'm gonna buy this thing first thing Monday! Ren seeks Help is one of the best cartoons I've ever seen, but I've only seen it on youtube. The best part in Ren Seeks Help is when Mr. Horse goes nuts. "You're fucking crazy thats wahts wrong wiht you!" John is also an amazing voice actor, he carried that cartoon with two awesome characters!

Eddie, what did you do on Ren Seeks Help? Layout? Posing? Animation?

I saw Stimpy's Big Day/The Big Shot for the first time yesterday, Eddie. Any anecdotes about that one?

Jesse Oliver said...

Hi Eddie

The Lost Episodes DVD will be hitting stores on July 18th.

"OH JOY OF JOY"S!!!!!!!!!!"

I have been waiting for this DVD for MONTHS! I can't wait to see all the AIRED and UNAIRED episodes and all the cool extras! I can't wait to see the extras with you, John, Katie, Eric Bauza and the rest of the SPUMCO gang! The episodes I did not see are the following.

1. Naked Beach Frenzy

2. Altruists

3. Stimpys Pregnant

I loved the episodes "Onward & Upward", "Ren Seeks Help" and "Fire Dogs 2" when they first premired on Spike TV.

I would LOVE to see more new Ren & Stimpy cartoons! I hope that in the future John will finally get to animate the following R & S titles.

1. Willderness Adventure with George Liquor

2. Life Sucks

The Lost Episodes of Ren & Stimpy is going to be the biggest DVD release EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesse Oliver

R. Banuelos said...

All though watching the cartoons on the theater screen made them better, something still irritates me about these cartoons. The voice's of Ren and Stimpy seemed different, the timing of the cartoons seem off, and the gag's seem to be reaching too much.

Don't get me wrong I liked the cartoons, but the premier on Spike TV was disappointing. I can't quiet figure it out, but they are irritating looking. I love the original series, but the new episode just aren't as good.

Sorry for the mean post...I'm still gonna' buy it!

Meathaus said...

Eddie you are the best blogg-ar ever don't you ever let this blognar get you down. Congratulations to all the Spumco crew for the back-breaking labor they put into this show because you can see the result in the deliciousness of it.

Anonymous said...

the best eps imo were Firedogs 2 and the Altruists - well, they were the ones that captured 'classic R&S' most faithfully. While I recognize that the animation/acting is literally leaps and bounds beyond the 90/91 eps, I still cannot get over how genious the old ones were; anybody get that feeling? Not that the new ones fail to live up; but it'll be hard for any team to top the classics.

I have no problem w/ the content. The APCs, to put it bluntly, come off to me as a tad too irreverent; its kinda hard for me to really empathize in R. Seeks Help; many gags seem misplaced or overdone. The pacing is also a bit off in parts of some episodes. But hey! these are the 1st six episodes, I can see giant leaps of improvement even in the set itself!

These feelings only arise when I look at APC relative to Spumco 90s series which was the pinnacle of cartoons. While the animation wasn't as refined, the classics just had every single ingredient perfect in the mix; there is just something about eps like Stimpy's Fan Club, Visit to Anthony and Big House Blues that can't be topped

Anonymous said...

On a side note, there is nothing on television OR the big screen today that can even approach the artistic merit of APC.

I guess what I'm basically ranting about is how utterly insane the 90 Spumco eps were. a few examples:

The sense of tension and urgency in Visit to Anthony - when we 1st meet his Dad and when he reappears later. i literally almost wet my pants. The sense of DREADFULL ANTICIPATION after the confrontation w/ Vic the Bully; we know whats in store

Even though Stimpy's Big Day was the 1st toon completed(and shown, if I recall correctly), it still doesn't fail to stir one's emotions(and every subsequent viewing) when Stimpy departs; I seriously wanted to reach into the set and give Ren a big 'ol hug.

The utter GENIUS of untamed world
Black Holes' surrealness. WOW

Man's Best Friend is still the most intense toon i've ever seen and rivals about 90% of all live-action 'psychodramas'.

The intensity and sincerity of these toons are just jaw-dropping. The APCs come off as 'different'; great as hell, but 'different' and I suppose that this difference is what some fans can't seem to embrace or accept.

I feel that the promise of 'no restrictions' offered by Spike has had a detrimental effect on the toons; not in their content but in their intent. Like most fans, I really really hope that they have a future...anywhere; i'd like to see what you guys have up your sleeves.

To reiterate: I love the APCs but see them as a set in and of themselves and can't even reconcile a comparison to the original; not b/c they are in any way inherently inferior; its mainly due to the different feel. Feel free to give your thoughts.

p.s. - been a huge fan since the premiere

Marlo Meekins said...

..the last paragraph of john's letter is worth buying a hundred more copies just for luck

Ryan Kramer said...

Just bought it at Target! I saw some gems at the screening in Santa Monica..but I'm still salivating to see everything.

mike f. said...

Yeah! John's drawings are so funny that he doesn't get nearly enough credit for being a great writer. Even blind people will love these cartoons. I personally can't wait for the term "loin fruit" to enter into the popular lexicon, next to other vivid, Spumco-inspired verbiage like "crabdomen", "beef cankles" and "hair loaf". Haw haw! I'm shooting Diet Coke out of my nose as I write this. (I would have typed "LOL", but - being an adult heterosexual male - I'm afraid it's impossible for me to use that term.)

Stavner said...

Some of the APC cartoons--especially "Ren Seeks Help" and "Naked Beach Frenzy" are good, but I think the original Ren and Stimpys are better.

I think that the Spumco animators and the Games animators, when they were originally one group, did a better job than the two of them could ever do alone. It's too bad they can never work with each other again....

Anonymous said...

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JohnK said...

>>I think that the Spumco animators and the Games animators, when they were originally one group<<

There were no "games animators" and the few artists that were there hardly ever did any work when at Spumco.

Excepting Bill Wray and Scott Wills who did excellent work for both studios.

Bob Camp did good work when he was around which during the second season wasn't much.

Stavner said...

"Excepting Bill Wray and Scott Wills who did excellent work for both studios.

Bob Camp did good work when he was around which during the second season wasn't much."

Still, it's too bad these guys couldn't work on the new series....