Wednesday, January 23, 2013


EDDIE: "Hi everybody! Where I live is thick with animation people. I thought I'd take you for a drive and show you where some of them live."

EDDIE: "Yikes! There's a lot of pedestrians out today!"

EDDIE: "Okay, here's the first house on my list, John K's. John's in the back working on "Cans Without Labels."  The man you see rummaging through the refrigerator is ace Hollywood cartoonist, Jim Smith."

EDDIE: "It looks like those guys are busy so we'll try the next....." 


EDDIE (VO): "Yeow!"

EDDIE: "Er...sorry!"

EDDIE: "Gee, maybe I should wear my glasses when I drive!"

EDDIE: "Okay, here we are at the next house on the list, Steve Worth's!"

EDDIE: "And there's the man himself! Steve's an animation producer and the mind behind the nifty internet site, 'Animation Resources'."

EDDIE: "Let's listen in to Steve explaining film theory to Auralynn...."

STEVE: "Well, you see Auralynn, the kinetic twist is what gives pizazz to what I call the person-to-person dynamic. It's a plus if you already have in place the film "nugget," but a minus if you failed to establish the "fulcrum."

EDDIE: "Wow! Words of wisdom! Thanks, Steve!"

EDDIE "Okay, next on the list is Mike! He's at the end of this....."


MIKE: "Eddie! Is that you up there!? What was that noise???"


BTW: Steve's dialogue was fake.


David Germain said...

Don't visit my house. It's messy. :P

It's a great adventure so far. Whose house will you visit next?

Joshua Marchant (Scrawnycartoons) said...

Roberto! Run these photos back to the lab and analyze them! See if you can figure out where they live. I'll stake out Lido pizza and see if I can spot any cartoonists.

They should sell "Maps to Famous Hollywood Cartoonists Homes" on the street corner for tourists.

Roberto Severino said...

Haha! Steve Worth grew a nice beard!

Anyways, I loved how you used real photos of cartoonists' homes to illustrate this story.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

David: Who's next? Well it partly depends on who's willing to let me photogrph them. Most of my cartoonist friends won't let me.

Joshua: If there was such a map I'd buy it!

Roberto: Thanks! BTW: I'm genuinely sorry to hear over the past few months that you had money problems that got in the way of your college plans. You're the type of person who should go to college. You're the type who would take it seriously and benefit from it.

You're at an important point in your life. You need that education. Be sure to apply for any help you might be entitled to. Fill in the forms, find out what the deadlines for applications are and meet them. Have a big calendar in your room with all the deadlines clearly marked. Don't be late. Let all your friends and relatives know what your intentions are.

You're the kind of person that colleges exist to serve, but you're in danger of falling through the cracks. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Roberto Severino said...

Thanks a lot for the encouragement, Eddie. I'm trying to put this in a long-term perspective and thinking about all the "majors" people have chosen to study, I'm pretty fortunate I'm not already in a lot of debt for a degree that turns out didn't do me much good in the real world, so that's also important too. Based on how the economy is, it's unlikely that the "American Dream" is going to return that quickly and the corporate world has become hopelessly corrupt.

I'm either anticipating economic deflation, stagflation or hyperinflation as a worst case scenario or maybe nothing serious will happen at all. College and education are the new bubbles and they will burst in the future in my opinion, resulting in the closure of many colleges and the government having to resort to more bailouts, this time for the students. As long as I can eventually get the degree in something that will help me pay the rent and bills, that's what matters most to me.

Roberto Severino said...

By the way, I'm only living in this apartment for about three months, so hopefully by May or June, I'll be out of there and moving back up to New England by then. I'm going with my mom to sign a statement that will release my family from the lease so that will happen. It's a temporary thing. I'm really hoping that once I'm able to move again, then I can start college. That's the plan on the table now.