Thursday, November 16, 2006


I don't have time to write a decent post so here's a cheater...but it's a good cheater! Here's pictures of Don Martin (above), Basil wolverton (below), and Rod scribner (below, lowest).

Don Martin looks 50's! Basil looks like a class clown grown up and Scribner looks like John Daily, Daily being the actor who starred in "It: the Terror from Beyond Space."


Anonymous said...

Basil Wolverton seems to be brimming over with carefully concealed wackiness.

Ryan G. said...

Looks like cartoonists back in the day dressed up pretty nice to draw funny pictures. I couldnt see cartoonists now a days propped up with nice posture and a suit drawing boogers and poop cartoons.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Not so much.

Ryan Khatam said...

You don't need to cheat or worry about writing something interesting, just show us your drawings! PLEASE!!

you're an excellent artist

and you have a blog


dont get me wrong though, i really enjoy your stories and theories


Perhaps a seperate blog for Eddie art...?

Brubaker said...

Looks good.

Eddie, heard of Monte Wolverton, Basil's son?

He draws editorial cartoons for and usually uses his dad's wacky style. Look him up sometime.

Anonymous said...

hey Eddie, what do you think of the far side, and the state of todays comics page?

Anonymous said...

Don Martin.....THE reason I bought so many MAD magazines.
Basil Wolverton....THE reason I bought so many Topps Ugly Stickers in 1971.

It's funny, I always imagined Don Martin would look like his characters!
Its odd how we think as a child.

Anonymous said...

So that's what Basil Wolverton looked like! Wow.

Oh yeah, it does seem like these guys wore ties to draw funny stuff. The blue wool suit or gray flannel suit Madison Avenue wacky artist types. Can you be wacky in a suit and tie?

I submit that you can be twice as wacky AT LEAST as any guy in rainbow suspenders.

Don Martin was cool. Don Martin is STILL cool. My best friend and I used to lie around all Saturday morning painstakingly copying his drawings to make our own "Don Martin" style cartoons.

I miss both Don Martin and my best friend.

Anonymous said...

IS this before or after Rod Scribner went nuts? Looks like after, judging by his grey hair.

Dave_the_Turnip said...

I love Don Martin's stuff and that picture is awesome so i drew a characture of it.

I managed to turn the great cartoonist into some sort of nerdy demon.

Anonymous said...

It was a dressier, classier time. There's a vintage photo of the Max Fleischer story department (in Leslie Cabarga's book) sitting around a table, working, and they're all wearing suits and ties. One guy even sports a fedora, indoors. Wouldn't happen today. JFK was the first major famous dude to eschew wearing a hat and it started a trend, despite costing him his head.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Eddie, did you see my post about Rod Scribner on my blog? I did it quite a while ago.

Jennifer said...

Ha ha! I love those pictures!

The first guy (Don Martin) has that "California cool circa 1950s" look to him. I can picture that guy in a '57 Thunderbird convertable.

I agree with you re: the second guy (Basil Wolverton). He looks like the guy who would be the last guy one would suspect of ringing the doorbell of his neighbor and leaving a lighted bag of dog doo on the neighbor's porch, yet he was the one who played the prank! (For the record, I never played that prank...)

The third guy (Scribner), to me, kind of resembles Jeff Chandler.

NARTHAX said...

Jeff Chandler was killed by medical malpractice. Got sewed up with something sharp still inside.

Max Ward said...

Basil Wolverton looks slightly conservative. That's pretty weird.

katzenjammer studios said...

i second ryan! we want to see your DRAWINGS! i like your theories, but love your art. post more of that!

Anonymous said...

"Basil Wolverton looks slightly conservative. That's pretty weird."

Basil wolverton was extremely conservative! Not in his drawings, of couse, but he was a total religious fanatic!

Anonymous said...

Don Martin sure looked cool. I guess like many others, I expected him to look like his characters. He's certainly missed. DOIT!

Stephen Worth said...

Here is another great one...


See ya

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Steve: Thanks for the great link to Carlo Vinci!

Dave: You captured his energy and sense of fun!

David: How did I miss that when you put it up? An interesting article!

Katz, Ryan: All of my recent artwork has been for work but if you insist I'll put up some stuff.

Jennifer, Narthax: Jeff Chandler!? And killed by malpractice!!? Aaargh!

Charlie: Strange but true. I wonder if Basil's church was aware of his other work?

Anonymous: Even oil painters used to paint wearing a white shirt and tie under their smock! Sanden still paints like that!

Ryan Khatam said...

All of my recent artwork has been for work but if you insist I'll put up some stuff.

the art work could be recent, past or present - we don't care, we like them all :)

your theory chair drawings were super fun, those would be cool too!

actually any sort of comic would be great! your comics are loose & funny, i love them. the one you did of you & Vincent at the diner was hilarious.

sometime, would you mind doing some ones about Ralph being scary & intimidating?


Max Ward said...

I actually am interested in seeing your commercial work. Even though they aren't "Eddie" drawings, they still are interesting to see.

Anonymous said...

Basil wolverton was extremely conservative! Not in his drawings, of couse, but he was a total religious fanatic!

That's a great link and comic! That's way better than the apacolypse comics we got at church when I was a kid!

It's also terrific to hear about his religous views too!

>Charlie: Strange but true. I wonder if Basil's church was aware of his other work?

Well, like Doug Tennapel said, there's nothing in the Bible that sass it's wroing to drawn disgusting cartoons.

David, your description of Rod's style is the best I've ever heard from anyone:

"I have read that McKimson tried to tone down Scribner's style during their tenure togther. But really, that's like trying to force a clockwise tornado to turn counter-clockwise with your bare hands. ;)"

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Ryan: Thanks for the compliment! I'll see what I can do!