Friday, December 01, 2006


Boy, it pays to write to artists. Look at the answers you get!

These letters are by Victor Hugo (topmost), Daubigny (above), and Gauguin (below). The Daubigny letter looks like it was done by Ardizzone (spelled right?), the modern illustrator.


Charles Brubaker said...

Wow. Looks awesome.

Do you draw something in your letters, Uncle Eddy?

Max Ward said...

Where did you find these?

Jennifer said...

I'm jealous!!! I want the Daubigny letter.

Shitbitch said...
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Freckled Derelict said...

Hey Eddie,

I posted some Ivan Bilibin on my new blog. Your last post reminds me of him.
Check it out:

Jorge Garrido said...

Eddie, this is off-topic but I wanted to ask you which is the best theory for my guest theory chair comic. I want to make it have really good art with the principles John K taught! But I need a good thoery, I can't do three theories!

My possible thoery comic ideas:

1. The secret origins of Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper

2. Why everyone's hero is either Frank Sinatra or James Stewart. (archetypes)

3. Why people hate hip-hop and its connection to jazz and rock & roll hatred

Matt J said...

The Hugo is stunning!

Eric Dotseth said...

Thanks for this recent post about the value of letters. Letters (in conjunction with created works and personal journals) serve as historical insight into the minds of our great cultural innovators. And letters allow an element of creativity beyond phone messages.