Saturday, December 23, 2006


I don't have time to write a decent post but I thought I'd make a few gift suggestions for last-minute Christmas shoppers:

1) How about an Extendo Fork and tubing as mentioned in previous posts? I can't think of a better gift and the price is certainly right!

2) One of those long claws with a pistol grip that you use to grab things off high shelves. Mike Fontanelli just gave one of these to a friend and I found myself envying the friend. These grabbers are great for pinching people and waking them up by grabbing their faces with it.

3) The gift that keeps giving...ITCHING POWDER! Best to make it yourself. The formula I prefer: 1/3 electric razor stubble, 1/3 ground-up cat-tail weed seeds, and 1/3 sand or Borax.

4) A copy of my favorite Christmas film, "Shop Around the Corner." Traditional favorites like "Wonderful Life," "Christmas Story," "Miracle on 34th Street" and the Sim's version of "Christmas Carol" are all great films but I've seen them so many times that I had to find something new, even if it was filmed in 1940. Shop Around the Corner is not only a great Christmas film but it's one of the best-written romantic comedies that I've ever seen.


Stephen Worth said...

Li'l Pal is suspicious of the grabber. Nope, she just doesn't trust it. I like it though.

See ya

Lester Hunt said...

I second the recommendation of "The Shop Around the Corner." Lubitsch rules! Though seeing Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan playing Hungarians (Kralik and Novak) is almost too weird.

Anonymous said...

Do you like the remake, Eddie? You've Got Mail!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I forgot that Jaime J Wienman, a writer with a great blog has a post about that movie!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

I think I grossed out everybody with the itching powder formula. Believe it or not I did exercize restraint when I wrote that. There are major skin irritants out there that I didn't bother to mention because they can't be gotten off easily.

Anonymous said...

Seems like at one point, I had learned the actual content of official branded professional itching powder, like those the professional itchers use, that is for sale right next to the fake poo. I thought it was remarkable at the time, and a relatively common everyday item one could easily find. However remarkable though, it apparently isn't nearly as memorable. I forget what it was.

Seems like Wikipedia would have an article on what it contains. I have found sneezing and itching powder unpleasant. That is, even as gags, practical jokes on others, which are not my bag anyway, it seemed anticlimatic. Same goes for the black soap, which, was black, (which sort of gives it away) but didn't really make your hands black.

Jenny Lerew said...

The only true "itching powder" I know is the one you get when you smash those little round spiky balls that hang off certain L.A. trees this time of year, producing a kind of hairy, powdery yellow "dust" that when thrown down someone's back itches like a mother.

That's what was a hot gag/torture item when I was in 3rd grade...those things would drop all over around the school--I"m sure Ruth Clampett remembers them.

Anonymous said...

Shop Around the Corner is a lot like You've Got Mail, except that in Shop the characters are believable, actions have consequences, the script makes sense and the tone is not vomit-inducing. Apart from that, Got Mail is a very faithful remake.