Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I don't have the bandwidth to comment so here they are, unaided by me. Click to enlarge! These won't look very good small.


Anonymous said...

Along with painting, didn't Peter Paul Rubens also portray the comic figure Pee Wee Herman? Or am I thinking of someone else? ;)

Yes, those paintings are wonderful. They're so full of movement and colour.

Anonymous said...

Off the topic of the wonderful Rubens--
but as you write again with this "I ran out of bandwidth" thing I have got to ask: what on earth?? Does AOL literally disallow you from writing a line or two of text after uploading these pictures to Blogger? Because I can't imagine that your "bandwidth" has anything to do with the BLOGGER space that you are using to store and upload these posts...it's all automated a la Blogger and even accessed thru AOL there shouldn't be any "limit". Still....I guess you wouldn't make this all up to excuse any, er, laziness on your part, writing-wise, would you? Tell me it isn't so!
Or at least get Steve Worth to help you or something.
Or just immediately post another post with the accompanying writing on it!

P.S. you do know I wouldn't harangue you if I didn't care. ; )

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Anonymous: The bandwidth problem is real but I don't blame you for being skeptical. I've met people who've had no problem with it at all. I'm guessing that different browsers, servers or computers handle Blogger in different ways.

In my case I know I've exceeded my bandwidth when the computer erases pictures or text from the bottom of the typing box with no warning. Sometimes all the information is in the window when I finish writing but some drops out when I publish. Maybe the new owner (Google) will fix it.

BTW, I just moved to the new version of Blogger and it has two big flaws that I can see right away! If you try to scroll down before the page fully downloads the scrolling pulls down a bunch of nonsense words. If you try to comment and the page won't let you then wait for the page to finish downloading, which might take a while.

Also if you moved your own blog account to the new format and you want to comment here then you'll have to type in your Google Account email address and password instead of the old codes. What a hassle!

Stephen Worth said...

Save as draft as you go and your text and pictures won't disappear. When you're happy with the post, then hit publish.

see ya

Anonymous said...

I saw some of these at the Getty a while back. He did collaborations with another great painter. It was wonderful to look at the originals.

Ryan Kramer said...

he's my fav!!